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Always on the look out for design/film/animation/photo taking inspiration - Oh, and travel ideas, (although anything in Japan will always win hands down for me). Currently based in the North East of Scotland.

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Spoilt and upgraded!

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Had a birthday a few days ago - was very spoilt - a cake made by one of my work colleagues and another when I got home. Also, upgraded my account today. Ha! That should also allow me to sort the privacy settings, as I have been easily found recently at the college where I teach. Not too bothered but would prefer to keep the two separate. Lo and behold - it was cheaper to upgrade too. Three birthday surprises in a week. Woohoo!
19th Nov 2008, 10:04   | tags:,,


Alfie says:

woo! And happy birthday! Didn't know you were a teacher: designy stuff?

19th Nov 2008, 10:50

PrincessJun says:

:D - cheers Alfie - and yep, designy stuff indeed.

19th Nov 2008, 10:58

Judo-Jule says:

happy belated birthday! hope you didnt have to share the cakes- they look yummy!

19th Nov 2008, 13:49

Dhamaka says:

Happy belated birthday and I hope the privacy plans work out

19th Nov 2008, 17:26

PrincessJun says:

Thanks J-J and D. The cakes were great, and yes happily upgraded, not that it was a major issue but don't really want students repeating my blog entries back to me on a daily basis. Gets a tad boring. They'll tire of it within a few weeks. ;)

19th Nov 2008, 17:46

Wendle says:

That top cake looks so deliciously over decorated i love it!!

Happy Birthday :)

19th Nov 2008, 17:49

PrincessJun says:

Ha ha. Thank you. It was indeed. Could only manage a medium slice before it got too much. Not like me at all!

19th Nov 2008, 17:50

taniwha says:

I think we must nearly have the same birthday. Happy birthday. That means you're a scorpio too - I should beware of your secret sting, I think.

20th Nov 2008, 10:55

PrincessJun says:

Hmmm - I think a few have become victims of that secret sting over the years....never cross a scorpio!

23rd Nov 2008, 12:45

MaggieD says:

Happy Belated Birthday ..... and yes I took myself off facebook because of all the students that found me there ...

23rd Nov 2008, 21:05

Caine says:

A very Happy belated Birthday to you! Another fellow Scorpio here, mine was on the 20th. :)

24th Nov 2008, 23:46

PrincessJun says:

Belated Birthday greetings to you too Caine. Hope you had a great day. :)

25th Nov 2008, 09:18

Jane Doe says:

Fab cakes! Many happy returns : )

2nd Dec 2008, 18:47