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C905 - ace camera, sucky software.

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Nice camera. Very nice camera. Shame that the Vodafone firmware is so broken that half the other features don't work - GPS won't lock on, wifi is confused (VF_Live won't load via wifi), Google Maps is broken, Find+Go (satnav) doesn't work, etc. etc.

But, of course, if I try to fix these issues by installing the generic SE firmware (ie, without having all the Vodafone crap on there), I'll invalidate my warrenty. I've spent FOUR HOURS on the phone to VF, today alone, trying to get this sorted out. Absolutely nothing. No help at all, despite me suggesting three or four different solutions - but "policy" says they can't do any of those. They won't even admit there is a fault (or faults), because apparently broken software doesn't count as a fault, even when features advertised on the box the damn handset came in don't work.

The nice chap I spoke to in 2nd line tech support agreed that installing non-branded software would, in all likelyhood, solve the problem (or at least pin down for certain whether this was a hardware or software problem). But if it doesn't fix it - I can't then return the phone as faulty. Plus I have to pay DaVince or Totalgsm some euros to do the reflash.

They're sending me out a new handset. If it behaves in the same way as mine, that will pretyt much pin down this as a software fault, and I'll feel more sure about reflashing the firmware with the Sony Ericsson software not the Vodafone one. But I'll be doing that at great risk to myself - all because some jobsworth asshole at Vodafone can't be just a tiny, tiny bit flexible.. It's not like they wouldn't wipe+reinstall the handset when they get it back, so I'm not doing anything irreversible.

GAH. Anyone got one of these on another network (or unbranded), who can confirm that the GPS does lock on, and that geotagging will work, and so on?

The camera is ace though. I'll take some proper photos soon.
15th Nov 2008, 18:05   | tags:,,

hildegard says:

Vodaphone can cavill all they want but if they advertise features, you can have what is known in law as a "reasonable expectation" that those features will be available to you. The goods & services are not as advertised, therefore you are entitled to remedy or, if you prefer, a refund. I do wish these numpties would bother to discover what consumer law actually is before trying to invent it all by their very ownsome.

I believe Orange have the 905 working somewhat better than Vodaphone...

(Edit) Lemmy's lahvely though, which must always be a consolation. ;)

15th Nov 2008, 18:12

swamprose says:

sorry about the phone hassle, but that's a fine dog photo there.

16th Nov 2008, 06:50

Don't have your model but my 903 has had similar problems with geotagging, also either freezes completely or reboots regularly (sometimes 4 or 5 times in a short period, for example while I'm having a phone conversation or once 8 times while I was trying to send the same SMS). I'm told it's because I have a prototype and that the production model will not have the same problems, so will be able to let you know in a week or so. Haven't played with the other stuff so can't comment on that. Camera is also great although unprocessed it gives a very distinctive brightness to shots.

Your image of Lemmy is gorgeous....

16th Nov 2008, 07:31

PrincessJun says:

I have the same phone on o2 and having similar problems. My partner has the vodafone version and he can't access geotagging etc either plus he had to get a replacement phone because the vodafone build was so bad (buttons not de-pressing etc). Let me know if there's any progress and good luck! but - yeah, the camera is great!

25th Nov 2008, 13:44

teflon says:

I had the O2 C702 for a few days - I got it specifically because it had GPS and said it did geotagging. But guess what? The O2 build doesn't support geotagging.

In fact, it doesn't come with the GPS-enabled Google Maps either. I did manage to get a lock on to the GPS, but only in the Location Services/Status Info screen, where it would tell me my lat/long. Handy if you're stuck up a mountain, I suppose.

The C902 supposedly supports geotagging (using GSM info), but the O2 version I've got will only go as far as showing the 'geotagged' icon in the corner of a picture, rather than actually telling me where I was when I took it.

11th Dec 2008, 17:20

mat says:

Yup, the vodafone geotagging is the same - if location data is available, it is added to the EXIF tags (and moblog should pick that up) - but the phone won't show the photo positioned on it's map. Google maps will use the gps though, which is one thing at least.

Apparently the latest version of google maps works just fine, but the installed version is locked to the firmware so I can't upgrade it manually.

Vodafone's solution, rumours suggest, is going to be removing the stuff about geotagging from the C905's manual.

Installing stuff like trekbuddy, nav4all, vlkgps and so on helps a lot - I can do proper navigation and tracking with those. GPS lock can still be tricky to get, but then such is the nature of cheap GPS units. The c905 is pretty good once it's managed to find some satellites though.

11th Dec 2008, 18:28

sslovetub says:

I've got this phone on 3 and so far it has been working flawlessly, touch wood it will continue to do so..
GPS works a treat with Google Maps and the bundled trial for Wayfinder 7. Haven't utilised the geotagging feature yet but in the interests of science will try to do today if I get some time and report back. But if it's any consolation or use to anyone I can say that 3 (compared to what i'm reading about on the other networks for this handset) may have got it sewn up.

12th Dec 2008, 09:56

Jason(jasonn-at-wildmail) says:

Mate I'm in Australia and have the exact same problems, hoe seriously F**ked is the firmware / software.........

I totally want to get rid of and replace all Vodafone related shìt on the phone.

Have you had any luck with other stuff..?

Please, please let me know.

or anyone elso for that matter.

Thanks Jason

16th Feb 2009, 13:31

Anonymous says:


11th Aug 2012, 20:30