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Happy at 4am

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Woke up at the off chance this had been decided. Very happy!
5th Nov 2008, 04:35  

midlife says:

CHANGE is here!

5th Nov 2008, 05:57

taniwha says:

that's pretty decisive. does this mean no long drawn out recount?

5th Nov 2008, 07:32

FilbertFox says:

Before you know it, Britain will have a female prime minster.

oh hang on a mo...........

5th Nov 2008, 08:00

Puddlepuff says:

Why are you actually happy?

5th Nov 2008, 09:13

JokerXL says:

Congrats to all.
Now try not to let him get shot!

5th Nov 2008, 09:24

chris says:


- An African American president, which regardless of what happens over the next 4 years is game changing.

- I'm a Liberal, and am delighted to not have a Republican in the Whitehouse.

- How this affects the rest of the world - Kenya has declared tomorrow a national holiday because of the election result. That speaks volumes.

And taniwha, McCain has conceded, so I think that's that!

5th Nov 2008, 09:59

Puddlepuff says:

- What really bothers me is that there has been so much focus on just that, the fact that he is a .5.

But as I learned your not suppose to judge someone by the color of it's skin, religion or sex. But that is what has happened. So much focus on just that. 90% of the people (at least in NL) have no frikking clue what his ideas actually are. And a lot of them actually scare me.

- Agreed.

- Well, Kenya has public holidays for pretty much everything. I think there is even a Public Holiday of the goat. You seriously can't hit a week without a public holiday in it, over there.

5th Nov 2008, 11:22

chris says:

I take your point, but the qualifier over the colour of his skin is I'm taking that as something completely separate to his policies - if a black republican made it into the White House it would be no less momentous for me - the big thing i take out of that side is that the USA (and hopefully therefore the same might later be said of other western nations) have put race to one side when voting.

From a policies POV, I think you're right in that there may be some suprises there for some people....

And the Kenya thing was menat to be more of an illustration than a point in itself - people outside of America are hugely supportive of Obama, which has to be a good thing at least initially.

5th Nov 2008, 12:03

a new day though

5th Nov 2008, 22:42