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Yo. Bronxelf here. So, I came to the conclusion that I sort of liked the idea of a 365 project, but really wasn't up to taking photos of me every day.

What sounded in some ways more challenging, but in some ways more comfortable was to twist it slightly and do 365 days of my avatar on Second Life.

AK, as I think everyone knows are my initials. They're also the initials of my avatar. And my avatar is well... pretty much like me. So there you go.

Um, I don't know the first thing about CSS, so I'll uh.. get to that.

Other, more traditional, currently active or completed 365 projects include...

365 Days of Mr. Kyoob
My Defective Ear(the one that started this madness- COMPLETE!)
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I DJ'ed for 35 hours last week. Though the money was great, by Friday
morning I was completely exhausted. This week is proving to be a bit
frustrating already, as one of the better paying clubs simply doesn't have
any available hours I can take. Either they're prime time evening slots
(which are difficult to take on because of real world commitments) or they
back up against another, previously scheduled set. Though many DJs often
back one set up against another, I won't do it, as people are frequently
late, and even though there's no real "commute" time, you're still talking
about being five minutes late starting your next set in the new location.

I've decided to cut down on my morning sets at Rockaway (with Lynn's
blessing as she is often the only one to show up for them). I'm usually
only running on 3 hours sleep and the money and attendance just aren't worth
it if people aren't going to be there or tune in. I'm on the lookout now
for clubs looking for DJ's to fill the prime time hours for Europe, which
would wind up being in the middle of my afternoon- much more doable for me
than evenings in the US and not as brutal on me as mornings (afternoons in
the UK.) So I'm going to be going from 7 shifts a week to 4 at Rockaway.

I've also been offered the management job at Rockaway.

After much thought and a few rounds with a calculator, I am firm in my
decision to turn the offer down. I honestly *don't want* the job, and
there's no way it's going to pay enough to make the time investment it would
require worth my while. I also LIKE the fact that I don't spend all my time
on Scilly, and don't want to go back to that, at all.


Tori says:

Wow. It sounds very tiring.

I like the wings.

13th Oct 2008, 23:51

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