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Lucia de Berk wins the right to a re-trial!

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(photo is of Lucia's family after hearing the court's decision)
(photo; Martijn Beekman)

After so many months and years of fighting her corner Lucia was released from prison last April pending a judicial review of her case.
Link HERE to a summary of the developments to date (in English).

Last week it was confirmed that she should be granted a re-trial.
Since the most important piece of the Public Prosecutor's evidence has been completely discredited there appears to be very little left for them to throw at her.
The date has yet to be confirmed, the venue is the court of Arnhem.
Hopefully a formality but you never know with these things, there are still a great number of careers that need protecting, reputations on the line, pensions to be safeguarded, back-scratching to be done.
It's dirty, it's mean, it's bordering on the mediaeval.
And very few people seem to care that this is the state of affairs we live in.



Caine says:

It's about bloody time! Good news, and I hope her freedom is quickly secured and she can begin to restore her life.

12th Oct 2008, 11:01

Viv says:

another corner turned - so pleased for them

still seems hard to believe that they have gone through this

12th Oct 2008, 11:31


that's a beautiful photo

and theoretically the law still needs to be changed too....

12th Oct 2008, 11:38

JokerXL says:

Tnx for HL'ing this guys, it's certainly a cause that needs highlighting.

12th Oct 2008, 11:49

Alfie says:

It is indeed.

12th Oct 2008, 11:53

seaneeboy says:

Justice can take ages. Is she on bail in the meantime?

12th Oct 2008, 11:59

nige says:

Fingers crossed.

12th Oct 2008, 14:00

She is out of prison and has been for a few months, but "justice" in Holland doesn't work the same way as it does in this country

12th Oct 2008, 16:16

mara says:

The best HL

13th Oct 2008, 14:25

Anonymous says:

This is simply brilliant news. An important next step.

13th Oct 2008, 14:29

I would like to take the opportunity to say to those who are reading this blog (thanks Joker) that we're not out of the woods yet. Lucia still is not formally declared innocent and although she's out of prison she's still suffering. Those of you who have been following know that last time we were not so lucky and she suffered a stroke a couple of years ago soon after her last appeal was unsuccessful.

For this and other reasons (for example her partner; who has supported her staunchly throughout, lost his job) money has been particularly tight, so if you would like to donate money to her please contact either Joker or me and we'll let you know how.

13th Oct 2008, 15:35

Maurizio(maestro_mauricio-at-yahoo-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

This news made me very, very happy and I hope that this nightmare will be offically over soon.
In the meantime Lucia, take care of yourself and your loved ones.

20th Oct 2008, 15:14