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I'm Steve; i enjoy taking poor quality pictures in large quantities, and so here they are...

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Snakes & Spiders

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Ruth with a Boa Constrictor & myself with some kind of big hairy Tarantula at a Jaguar Day Out last sunday.

On a side note; DSL should be reconnected next week so i'll be back... :D
11th Aug 2005, 18:54   | tags:,,,

bronxelf says:

I love both snakes and spiders. Bonus!

11th Aug 2005, 19:00

bronxelf says:

Heh. When I was 3 I tried to take an 18 foot boa constrictor out of the Bronx Zoo.

I like snakes. They make sense.

11th Aug 2005, 19:03

Steve says:

I am scared of both. I just can't fight genetics.

11th Aug 2005, 19:14

jk says:

i think it takes a lot of guts to wrap a snake around your neck.how did you do that?

11th Aug 2005, 19:26

gad123 says:

You are both clearly mad or very drunk! I could NEVER do that! :(

Tho on reflection you are wearing a hoody, so... Fair Play!

Look forward to your return to the net dude! Whens South Park start again? ;)

11th Aug 2005, 22:52

pandairo says:

i love snakes but i never thought i'd be able to touch a big spider, though they are so gentle and delicate it's hard to imagine they could kill you without any effort! Plus i'm not scared of spiders anymore!!

I also held a Hissing Cockroach which was rather nasty. They aren't gentle or delicate, just sticky and crawly...

Ruth studied Animal Behaviour at Uni & she had to handle alsorts of weird creatures, so a snake and a spider weren't all that exotic to her!

And man, i've missed the internet...
*rolls eyes*

12th Aug 2005, 10:16

bronxelf says:

welcome back.


I have a cute little scar on my right hand from a snakebite. I still love them though. Theyre wonderful. :D

12th Aug 2005, 10:18

Unrelated says:

Oooo a Snake! A Snake!!!

Badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger Mushroom MUSHROOM!!!

18th Aug 2005, 01:29

mouseninja says:

hehehe :)

that boa's pretty! we want one... :P

spider's i'm not too bothered about.
but snakes... i love :D

26th Mar 2007, 20:20