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Yo. Bronxelf here. So, I came to the conclusion that I sort of liked the idea of a 365 project, but really wasn't up to taking photos of me every day.

What sounded in some ways more challenging, but in some ways more comfortable was to twist it slightly and do 365 days of my avatar on Second Life.

AK, as I think everyone knows are my initials. They're also the initials of my avatar. And my avatar is well... pretty much like me. So there you go.

Um, I don't know the first thing about CSS, so I'll uh.. get to that.

Other, more traditional, currently active or completed 365 projects include...

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VA94: Furnishing, round one.

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The results of last night's foray into putting something in my loft.

However,I've begun to realize what part of the issue with scale is in SL.
Though *most* of it is that people have no sense of scale, at all, part of
it is also this: Small items aren't usually worth the prim count.

Remember when I said that every object was made up of components, called
prims? And that each piece of real estate was allotted x amount? Right.
Okay so here's the issue:

See the rug there? It's enormous, right? It's also only 1 prim. I didn't buy
that, btw, I made that one, so it only cost me $10L. The shelving unit is
11. However, if I fill the shelving unit with... well, things one would put
on such a thing- pictures, keepsakes, whatever. Those objects, even though
they may be very small, still wind up with the same prim count as a larger
object, depending on the object's complexity. So you wind up choosing *not*
to display small items when you can make them very large and still only cost
you the same amount against your prim count.

Clearly, I need to make more in tips (well yeah, that was true anyway),
because I will want to buy way more prims. WAY.

But for a start, it isn't bad. I still think it needs more in this section,
but for one night? It is okay.

I only built the rug, big room divider and the curtains. All the other
furniture, I bought. I am very fond of the coconut chair, though I had to
resize it- the person who built it *clearly* had never been in one- it was
too small originally. Those things are freaking HUGE in person.


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