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Dream on September 21st, 2008

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There is a girl who is in middle school, she lives with her mom and 3 brothers. They

have just moved to a new town. She goes to school but she can't make any friends. She

ends up becoming friends with a couple of older kids, a girl in high school who is a

sophmore and a guy in high school who is a junior. They are both homeless and live on

the streets. The guy is into drugs and threatens the girls. The girl goes home and

tries to not be involved with them anymore because she is scared. The other girl in

fear has no where else to go so she goes to the younger girls house to hide. The guy

follows them and threatens the mother and tries to get into the house. The two older

brothers go to defend the girls. The youngest brother is given a gun but no bullets,

so he makes his own out of wood and accidentily shoots them off so he kills the second

oldest brother and shoots through the wall and kills the high school kid. The high

school kid shoots and kills the oldest brother so the two older brothers and high

school kid are now dead.

Now I am the girl in middle school and I am sitting in a huge auditorium and it is lunchtime. There is a talent show going on at the same time. An act is about to go on stage and my older sister is part of it. They start singing some famous musical song that I have never heard of, my friends start to sing it out loud, but not as a sing along with them, they are trying to throw the act off of their game. The group stops as the main singer struggles. Shes asks if she can start over, the dj very annoyed agrees. She gets off stage and asks if she can make a cell phone call to calm her nerves, they allow it. She turns to me and asks if I will go outside with her so she can yell at me, I understand that she just needs to get her frustration out and not that she actually wants to yell at me for something. I agree and go outside with her. She tries to start yelling at me but she get intimidated as people start walking by. I drag her toward the elevator and then people start lining up behind us, the elevator opens, and we walk in but people are with us, we start feeling rushed as the dj will only wait so long, we immediate get off on the next floor in hope of being alone. We walk off and start looking for a place to be alone, suddenly I hear someone shouting my name. I turn and it is an old friend Joe, I hug him and say hello. We start walking and talking as we follow the girl. I ask him why he doesn't return my emails or texts, he tells me he didn't get them. He says did you try cc ing yourself to make sure they were sent and I say I know they are in my sent folder I have proof. He follows us as we run around trying to get back to the auditorium. We take some escalators and make it back, unfortunately we are too late and she has missed her chance because she took to long. Dream over.

Posted by mosteen

22nd Sep 2008, 19:45   | tags:


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