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Pimp my trolly

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If you have some shopping and no one else can help, and if you can
find it, maybe you can hire, The A Trolly
18th Sep 2008, 16:10  

540air says:

Quality!! :)

18th Sep 2008, 17:52

billion says:

hehe, I thought of the a-team straight away when I saw it. I want it. where can I get it?

19th Sep 2008, 09:23

Steve says:

Alas you would have to go to the Playhouse in Edinburgh

19th Sep 2008, 11:28

billion says:

from where I'm sitting right now, I could walk there in about three minutes :)

19th Sep 2008, 11:30

Steve says:

Please do, that would be great if you turned up at stage door and asked to see their trolly.

19th Sep 2008, 11:31

billion says:

hehe. "you know, the one with the red stripe down the side? I saw it on a website..."

you work as a theatre techie? maybe you know my sister then.

19th Sep 2008, 11:36

Steve says:

*Raises eyebrow* "I know lots of peoples sisters"

Yep I work in Lighting, mainly for theatre but also events. What does she do?

19th Sep 2008, 11:41

billion says:

lighting designer, stage manager, techie and now full-time mother.

19th Sep 2008, 11:49

Steve says:

Maybe, know what shows she did?

19th Sep 2008, 11:59

billion says:

she was in the royal court for years, also some west end and stuff here in edinburgh and glasgow, erm... toured with a show called rabbit, 4:48 psychosis, la boheme... lotsa stuff really.

19th Sep 2008, 12:08

Steve says:

That's the problem with this industry, you meet loads of people but rarely get to know them well.

19th Sep 2008, 12:10

billion says:

heh. and there was me thinking you were all in some big tech-club.

19th Sep 2008, 12:11