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As a teenager I knew everything....I'm still trying to figure out when I forgot it all.

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This weekend was Birmingham ArtsFest and a lovely man over at Flickr organised some Press/Media passes for the members of The Birmingham group.

We'd have access all weekend to most areas making it easier for us to take pictures and a meet had been arranged for the Sunday Afternoon.

I was unimpressed to say the least about the behaviour of some members of the group who thought as they had passes that manners didn't matter - knocking people out the way and rushing around with little regard to others and as for the meet HA!!

I'll stick with moblog all the way, they were elitists who played my lens is bigger than yours for the first 30 mins, No one bothered introducing themselves (too busy bragging about their cameras) and then once they'd all shown off their lenses, tripods,monopods etc they all disappeared into the crowd without a backwards glance to their "new member" and anyone who has met me knows I'm no wall flower. I had plenty of fun with TBK and James (photos to follow) but I was a little perturbed.

THANK YOU MOBLOG - You guys I've met have been awesome. We know there is fun in photography!
15th Sep 2008, 12:11   | tags:,,,

I must say that the Flickr group I go to meets with are not like that at all but, I have met a lot of Flickr ites who are all lenses and cameras..

I use both for very different things. I have 2 accounts on Flickr, one for pictures taken with my proper cameras and one for the business. My accounts on MBUK are for pictures taken with my mobile (when I don't launch it off the car roof!)

15th Sep 2008, 13:20

Essitam says:

I use Moblog adn Flickr differently too but I just think if it all gets too serious it takes teh fun out of it.

I don't doubt that there not all like this meet was but this is the 2nd one i've been to (one with the walsall group and one with Birmingham) and they've been simmilar.

The Walsall one less so than teh B'ham one but it has put me off going again!

15th Sep 2008, 13:33

nige says:

what a shame, but speaks volumes for the moblog community, eh?

15th Sep 2008, 14:42

Viv says:

no and even oldies like me are welcome - but it's not all about the photos! It is a lot about connecting in a simple way

19th Sep 2008, 09:34

billion says:

I get bored and annoyed when I use flickr. and as far as lenses are concerned, the smaller the better. or no lens at all.

19th Sep 2008, 09:41

Mesila says:

I just got here a day ago and already I have that warm glow that only comes from hitting upon a community of exactly the right size and attitude, and that hasn't happened to me in ages. I'm now driving everyone around me nuts walking around with the Kyocera unfolded, tap, flash! tap, flash! grinning like an idiot. Unfortunate side-effect: developing penis-envy for Blackberry-type slabs and yesterday I thought my little 80 dollar phone was so hot. I kind of hate when I get that way, it's such an example of the minus side of being American, and it seldom happens with me so when it does it's really weird. Odds are that'll fade, though.

ps: That "shutterbuggered" crowd can sod off. What jerks.

25th Sep 2008, 08:10

Spiderbaby says:

Hooray for the simple way! With Viv 100% on that one. :)

6th Oct 2008, 23:09