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The end of the world is neigh!

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At precisely 09.30hrs (local time, Switzerland) the LHC will be fired up and something pretty spectacular will happen.
What, exactly, no one knows but the "Sun" says that a mini black hole will be created which will rapidly grow larger and larger, feeding itself, consuming itself and everything around it untill we're all sucked in to an unexpected early ski-holiday in the Alps.
Or not.
But it was in the "Sun" so it must be true.
It was nice knowing you guys. See you on the other side.
10th Sep 2008, 07:48  


Trishus says:

Great photo... I was listenin to something on RRR about it on Sunday... really freaky... hopefuly a spy type like 007 will come and save the day.

10th Sep 2008, 08:21

still life says:

haha i love this photo it is awesome....hmmm i heard about this just last night when i was stuck at college of all places to be on your last night on earth! and now i have woken up to the same old world i'm glad i didn't go running off somewhere in search of my 'last night on earth' activity what ever that may be....

10th Sep 2008, 08:38

billion says:

been waiting ages for this! if there's any black holes created they'll likely be about the size of a 20p piece and will disappear almost exactly the same moment as they appear.

(at least, that's what I've heard on good authority...)

10th Sep 2008, 09:15

JokerXL says:

Did anyone notice the date today?
Like a countdown!
But, it's T plus 50 minutes and I'm still here. Well, I could be in another dimension and all you lot could be figments of my imagination.

So, what would you do on your last night on earth then?
I think I'd be on Moblog, checking out what everyone was doing on their last night on earth.

10th Sep 2008, 09:21

billion says:

I'd be having se...

er, that is, checking up on moblog as well, obviously.

(btw that's the most fantastic bit of coincidental good fortune over a date since "the omen" remake was released on 6th june, 2006.)

10th Sep 2008, 09:35

Anonymous says:

The switch-on was delayed by faulty parts from the States so the 10,9,8 business is only a happy accident.

Please can we put the Sun & all who sail in her into a black hole, please?

10th Sep 2008, 10:52

crickson says:


But if the universe is finite because the gravitational field of all the mass wraps space around it, so it's impossible to leave... then, aren't we already in a black hole? Would a few new ones make any difference?

10th Sep 2008, 13:59

Spiderbaby says:

*head explodes...

10th Sep 2008, 15:26

queserasera says:

I agree with joker - i think we are all in other dimensions anyway! Plus one of the theories of quantum physics is that multi dimensional universes exist until a decision is made - cat in box any one?

10th Sep 2008, 20:47

Spiderbaby says:

Don't ask me :)

10th Sep 2008, 21:29

hildegard says:

"Until a decision is made" [Queseasera]? Eh? Do we actually collapse them by observation or do we just collapse our possible observations to the one we're looking at?

10th Sep 2008, 21:35

My head hurts!

11th Sep 2008, 08:15