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As many of you know, I'm very anti-drive-blogging on this site.

I feel it's an incredibly selfish and arrogant thing to do, and am still really saddened that people feel they should be able to do this.

The law in the UK is clear - You must not use your mobile phone whilst driving.

I fully reserve the right to post up that you're being a selfish wanker should you do so.

* Research has found that using hand-held and hands-free phones while driving quadruples your risk of crashing.
(University of Western Australia)

* RoSPAs report (PDF)

* Wikipedia article

Picture credit goes to Brake, the road safety charity.

crickson says:

Sorry, I missed all the debate on the other site - but let me say 'Hear hear'.

You can only use your mobile in your car if you're Jack Bauer. End of.

14th Aug 2008, 14:23

seaneeboy says:

Haha - good point Crickson :)

14th Aug 2008, 14:26

oh dear, have people been drive blogging again..
(rhetorical question)

14th Aug 2008, 14:38

540air says:

True, anyone who can die more than once in a 24 hour period, put up with a total halfwit for a daughter and still save the day, can pretty much do as he pleases :)

14th Aug 2008, 15:12

seaneeboy says:

Quite right.

And a quick "Oooh! Handbags!" to George for stopping me commenting on his blog.

I feel he was extremely irresponsible to drive and take a video at the same time. Rubbish!

14th Aug 2008, 16:26

Puddlepuff says:


And always use a condom when having sex with a new partner,....

14th Aug 2008, 19:07

hype says:

I don't think anyone disagrees that using a phone increases the chances of an accident (although some would disagree with those skewed stats), but to state so in such a manner appears somewhat superfluous.

Lots of things increase the chance of an accident, the question is: where do you draw the line? Everyone has their own line. I'm not condoning the use of a phone whilst driving but to aggressively tow the line of the law and abuse those that don't is not your right to reserve.

Maybe you don't eat an apple whilst driving, listen to the radio, open your window, change a CD, use Sat Nav, look a the gear stick, or indeed do anything else that increases the chance of an accident?

Abuse is non-productive and ultimately detrimental to your own cause. The government and police will do their job - if not then I suggest you concentrate your efforts on them.

15th Aug 2008, 23:58

seaneeboy says:

I take your point hype, however there is a sliding scale of doing things - no one would disagree that clicking on a satnav is less dangerous that drink-driving - but I believe that we, as a site very involved with mobile phones, should have a responsible attitude towards discouraging illegal and dangerous behaviour.

I reserve the right to express my opinion on my blog... and yes, I'm aware of the lack of explicit right to free speech (and as a moderator I'm pleased about that) but I do like that Moblog, on the whole, lets you express opinions, and at times stimulate interesting debate.

I would disagree that any actions I have taken so far constitute abuse - again, as a moderator I'm keen to set an example, and any time I have strayed across the line (because I'm only human after all!) I have immediately apologised and worked with the rest of the moderating team to make amends.

Sadly the police don't have the resources to stop everyone using phones on the motorways - and as a supporter of Brake i do my best there too.

Ultimately I would encourage a stigma around drive-blogging. If people see it as "Bad-dangerous" rather than "Cool-dangerous" then half the battle is won.

18th Aug 2008, 10:17

silar31 says:

I'm sort of a bit middle-groundy about this - blogging while driving? Oh HELL no - if you're trying to take photos, who the heck is paying attention to the other nutjobs on the road? But I'm a bit both-ways about talking on the phone. I personally can't drive and hold a handset to my ear, I keep both hands on the wheel at all times. I have an iPod so I can set and forget a playlist, and I use a Bluetooth - if my mobile rings I only have to let go of the wheel for a split second to hit the answer button. And if I find I need to call out, I wait until I find a safe place to stop to do so.

Now Don, on the other hand, I think he's safe talking on his mobile with one hand on the wheel, because he has more years of experience doing so than the vast majority of people. He's been a ham radio operator for his entire driving life (20+ years) and is completely accustomed to talking on a microphone while driving. He's also sensible enough to have his priorities in order - he'll drop the phone if he needs to with no hesitation.

Just my 2 cents from this side of the Pond. :)

21st Aug 2008, 17:17

FilbertFox says:

as far as i am concerned using your mobile at all whilst driving is outrageous.

Incidently a friend of ours takes part in conference calls whilst CYCLING around Stourton roundabout, and wonders why he has accidents

27th Aug 2008, 16:24