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ploughing the arable farmland
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in the heat of the city

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the blazing sunshine got a bit much in simferopol, and with no cool sea air or beaches to lounge on you instead find yourself dashing between small patches of available shade. to be honest my main concern was that my beloved plastic cameras would melt and all my film be burnt to a crisp...

pics 2 and 3 - odd choice of advertising for a country whose soviet past is still in recent memory. the second ad is using the socialist-realist style to advertise meat products.

pic 5 - painful lotion application. ouchy.
12th Aug 2008, 16:01   | tags:,,

crickson says:

Interesting pictures - especially the adverts

12th Aug 2008, 16:14

dan jacob says:

The second ad says "Completed your 5 year plan in 4 years ? Crimea and 'Friendship of Nations' is waiting for you !". Crimea, of course, being a favourite holiday destination in Soviet times (the text is in both Russian and Ukrainian).

12th Aug 2008, 16:16

billion says:

"completed your five year plan? great! now buy a sausage..."

12th Aug 2008, 16:21

dan jacob says:

There's a lot of nostalgia for the "good old days" of the USSR.

Crimea might soon be the site of an international incident - the Ukrainians are saying they won't let the Russian Navy dock there after retuning from Georgia.

12th Aug 2008, 16:27

billion says:

it would be shitty to see crimea getting drawn into all that bother. the crimean port of sevastopol is a naval base for both russia and ukraine, a terribly messy business would ensue if the russians were told they couldn't use it...

12th Aug 2008, 16:53

PrincessJun says:

I love the third shot - I know it's not to everyone's taste but that's my favourite graphic style. Saw some of Rodchenko's stuff in Berlin and it just blew me away.

13th Aug 2008, 13:15

taniwha says:

This is a terrific series. I really like the second to last one partly because that is the kind of street I'd walk down with my camera.

Jun - shot three - I think he's ripping off franz ferdinand isn't he? :-)

14th Aug 2008, 11:36

billion says:

dude that street just reminds me of the heat. I was looking for the city mosque, getting lost, walking around in circles and all the while getting sunburnt...

14th Aug 2008, 14:12

taniwha says:

In that pic, the heat looks blazing. Can emphasise with being lost in foreign places trying to find your way somewhere. Best time for me - looking for a psychiatric hospital in Ghent (had a wing dedicated to patient art) and finding a nice cafe instead. Worst time - 8.00am in Seoul, trying to find my way back to the hotel as my plane takes off soon

14th Aug 2008, 14:15

billion says:

oh how cool. thanks for the link mandy, looks like an interesting competition.

such is the backwards mentality of cheap photography that I bet the worst entry wins...

(nah, just kidding)

14th Aug 2008, 15:20

ouchy indeed
#1 and #4 for me

14th Aug 2008, 23:29