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How Does Homeopathy Work?

The Story of Bottled Water

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18th Jul 2008, 13:49   | tags:,,,


minushabens says:

very nice. As you may argue, I love these architectural follies

18th Jul 2008, 14:44

hildegard says:

It's Caernarfon in North Wales. Glad you like 'em.

18th Jul 2008, 23:40

Spiderbaby says:

Is that a white boar I can see at the base of the further away one?

19th Jul 2008, 17:29

hildegard says:

White, wild can't swear but yes, a boar, & in that neck of the woods, why not a Tudor one? Must remember to see what's at the top next time I visit...

19th Jul 2008, 19:14

Spiderbaby says:

Pretty sure the white boar was Richard III's thing (plenty of them in York, that's why it rang a bell). A Tudor boar would make more sense....
*goes to google Tudor boars...

19th Jul 2008, 22:15

hildegard says:

Apologies, for some reason I thought Edmund or Jasper Tudor had a boar & a dragon as supporters on their arms. I can find no evidence for this childhood conflation of Tudor heraldry & the Mabinogian. :)

19th Jul 2008, 22:55

Spiderbaby says:

Henry Tudor had a dragon of some sort, maybe this boar has just got a bit lost, or is a different colour, belonging to somebody else altogether. I wouldn't worry about it. There's not too much harm done by random astray heraldry these days (or it's very under-reported at any rate).

19th Jul 2008, 23:58

hildegard says:

Oh, I dunno; not sure I want to mess with Garter Principal King of Arms. I used to pass by the College of Heralds quite often & some of those chaps aren't at all the pale & bookish sort...

20th Jul 2008, 01:50

Spiderbaby says:

The heraldic enforcers... OK, will make a note not to mess with them.

20th Jul 2008, 17:30