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you can't beat the Simple Pleasures of life...

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Knife crime in Brighton

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It would be doing the world a favour to shut down Westons in Brighton and all the other shitty shops like it
13th Jul 2008, 13:09   | tags:,

OCD Sprocket says:

that's one scary looking knife

13th Jul 2008, 16:25

arkangel says:

If you're not in the mood for a scary-looking knife, you can always pick up a sling shot or an air pistol (and pretend you're interested in country sports or pest control).

13th Jul 2008, 18:38

OCD Sprocket says:


there's some pests I'd like to get rid of . . . they generally come out about 11:30 on a Saturday night and loiter outside my place

looks like I'll be off to Brighton then next w'end

13th Jul 2008, 20:10

MaggieD says:

Mmmm, have lived and worked in schools in SE London for the past 40 years (yep, born and bred south of the river) have experienced 'knife crime' from the very beginning, Mods and Rockers, etc, etc .... nothing has changed, Ancient Rome had the same problem with their youth .... as to the answer, well. I doubt you would want to hear what I have to say. too radical, and, in truth, I am a little too tired to explain in detail ....

13th Jul 2008, 20:48

OCD Sprocket says:

I just spotted some drunk kid weeing in the bushes outside my place . . . I just stood at the window and waved at him. He saw me but didn't have a free hand to wave back so staggered off pronto.
OK, not exactly knife crime, but, you know, bloody kids.

13th Jul 2008, 23:05

arkangel says:

And let's not forget fair Verona - where civil blood makes civil hands unclean - same old same old, rapiers and rumbles.

14th Jul 2008, 00:46

hildegard says:

C'mon A, be fair - I own, need & use several of the items in that window. Suspect I even have a version of the 'scary looking knife'. It looks to be a folding saw & very useful in the garden it is too. And I'm sorry, but you'll part me from my Leatherman when you prise it from my cold, dead hand.

14th Jul 2008, 03:15

arkangel says:

If you bump into any of the psychos who buy the slingshots and stuff late at night in a dark alley, your hand could end up cold and dead. Unless you can get your Leatherman round their nuts first...

14th Jul 2008, 18:11

crickson says:

An armed society is a polite society?

14th Jul 2008, 18:52

arkangel says:

An armed society cuts the crap

14th Jul 2008, 19:01

hildegard says:

Slingshots as close-quarter weapons in low light? You've got to be having a laff.

14th Jul 2008, 19:27

taniwha says:

I carry a Swiss Army knife (I seem to remember that Maggie does too) and am wandering if this will soon be illegal.

Though Maggie is right about the perenial panics about kids, there is a real spike in the statistics around children murdering children. Dunno if this means that more lethal means are now being used though.

14th Jul 2008, 20:35

arkangel says:

Yeah, Hildy, but these are sling-shots with infra-red telescopic sights and bayonettes - that's how evil this shop is

14th Jul 2008, 21:12

arkangel says:

Taniwha, I hear the government is soon banning spikes in statistics as they are deemed too sharp and could cause a nasty accident

14th Jul 2008, 21:14

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