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Shiny new toy!

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Because it has been too long since I bought a new toy. And this one has all the bells and whistles and plays videos and wifis all over and everything. And is very shiny.

Now what to do with the previous generations of Palms still floating around the house...
1st Aug 2005, 10:42   | tags:,,,

kostika says:


Plotblog the old ones to the less fortunate?

1st Aug 2005, 10:44

bronxelf says:

oooooo.... shiny......

1st Aug 2005, 10:51

seaneeboy says:

Ooooh! It's bwootiful!

1st Aug 2005, 10:53

Steve says:

Use them as remote controls for your computer!

Mine lives by my bed and intergrates into iTunes, I can start up any song I like without getting out of my pit

1st Aug 2005, 10:57

crickson says:

Steve> That's brilliant!

1st Aug 2005, 12:26

Steve says:

If you have a Mac get "Sallings Clicker" it is very functional and cheap!

If you have a PC........ Urm I am sure someone does something........

1st Aug 2005, 12:43

seaneeboy says:

Joe knows how to do it - but he's not about at the moment :)

1st Aug 2005, 13:05

Steve says:

What could be more important than this???????

1st Aug 2005, 14:23

SakanaSan says:

Yes, shiny new toys are soooo much fun! Not heard from you lately grrl, give me a shout. (you can flog me one of your old palms too!)

4th Aug 2005, 14:50

alfie says:

mmmmmn, lifedrive - Paul, our Uncle Nicky is here till saturday, so Chrys is generally at her place till then.

4th Aug 2005, 15:03

mat says:

PuppetMaster is the windows remote control software. $20 to buy, free to trial. Google it.

4th Aug 2005, 15:13

misternavid says:

OOOHHH you got the life drive, whats it like? Is the video quality good??

5th Aug 2005, 14:01

kikuchan says:

Surprisingly so. Bang some headphones in and the sound ain't too bad either. I watched the last episode of Extras on the tube on my way to work today. Was fab. The wifi is pretty zippy too.

So shiny :-)

And Paul, you can grab the T3 if you're still in the market for a Palm :-D Gonna give the old m515 to Rose. Because I is lovely.

5th Aug 2005, 23:15