Look into my eyes O_O

by vc_chic

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~ Ha
~ 23 year old
~ Vietnamese
~ London
~ RBS - Portfolio Manager
~ London
~ English gradute
~ Creative
~ Ambitious
~ Fun loving
Like most other oriental people I enjoy taking pictures...less of myself now days *rolls eyes*

Anyway, hope you enjoy the world through my eyes...er, I mean my camera phones lens :)



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Swedish Chocolate

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How yummy is that hey!? Anyone wana try a piece of PLOPP :D
19th Jul 2005, 11:45  


Helen says:

I think that's the chocolate that makes you bite your own tongue (it's the size of the pieces, they encourage miscalculations).

19th Jul 2005, 11:48

Groovicron says:

Mmmmm... plopp.

19th Jul 2005, 11:54

jc1000000 says:

The Geisha chocolate next to it is YUM!

To add to the hilarity, it's also worth noting that 'Fazer', is pronounced 'Fartzer' over there!

19th Jul 2005, 13:13

lefthanded04 says:

In France, you can but a brand of lemonade called Pschitt

19th Jul 2005, 13:28

freshlegs says:

Plopp is delicious stuff! As is käck.

19th Jul 2005, 13:34

anonymous says:

i want some ,,,,,,
lick.... em....
tasted good

21st Jul 2005, 15:31

Johanna says:

I looove Swedish chocolate (being Swedish helps!) My absolute favourite is Center, which is similar to Plopp but much nicer, yum!!!

You can get it in the Swedish Affar in London, hurra va bra!

16th Aug 2005, 12:27

Dhamaka says:

In Holland Snicker / snickel means ... umm... something else.

But it tastes just as good *rushes out of room before the obvious comments get made*

16th Aug 2005, 14:01

McN says:

pleuch ... spits out mouthful of Snickers...

16th Aug 2005, 15:12