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Jack Nicklaus £5 note

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I didn't actually realise it was legal to have living people on bank notes. It's also got the golden bear logo on it.. Almost like it's sponsored or something.

neel says:

Yeah, there's another living person on a note, but I can't remember who. It's stamps that you have to be dead for, unless you're the Queen.

I saw my first one of these today: can't say I was too impressed. What's so good about golf?

15th Jul 2005, 19:06

afrodave says:

i think the Queen Mother was the other living person on a bank note (who wasn't the real queen)

15th Jul 2005, 20:19

Helen says:

I have a stamp with a living person on -- Prince Charles. And I guess Di wasn't dead when the stamps were made.

15th Jul 2005, 20:21

Joe says:

I didn't know he was Scottish!

15th Jul 2005, 20:25

teflon says:

I think stamps may not depict living people unless they're Royals (there was a Charles and Camilla series recently), and have to have a picture of the Queen too.

If you've got a photo of the Queen, then it seems you don't need to have the little silhouette either: see here.

Golf is entirely over-rated.

15th Jul 2005, 20:28

Helen says:

There's a living ex-footballer on a stamp. Hmmm, it's a quiz question.

15th Jul 2005, 20:31

teflon says:

Is it the back of his head, though?

15th Jul 2005, 20:33

Helen says:

Um, probably.

Ah, look, isn't Google good?

"Hillary is a rare example of a living person on a British stamp. Previous convention was not to put any living person on a British stamp, unless they were a member of the British Royal Family. This ruling has recently been superseded by a rule that living people can be on stamp provided they are not the ‘hero image’ and that an achievement, rather than a person, is being celebrated. The previous living person on a GB stamp was Roger Taylor, the drummer from the rock group Queen, who appeared in the background of a Freddie Mercury issue from 1999’s The Entertainers’ Tale set."

15th Jul 2005, 20:36

Helen says:

And this:

"Superstar footballer David Beckham is to appear on a stamp. In a move that has been personally approved by the Queen, Beckham and his teammate Michael Owen will be the first living people, other than royalty, to feature on a stamp. The World Cup stamps will be on issue from the 1 May and will no doubt be instant collectors items. The stamps do not seem to catch the players at their best - Beckham has his back to the viewer as he slides during what appears to be a bad tackle."

And of course now, you can put yourself on a stamp.

The Royal Mint has yet to catch on to this idea.

15th Jul 2005, 20:40

Monolith says:

I read somewhere Jack has became only the third living person to be on a scottish bank note. I take it must be the queen mum, Jack & A.N Other

15th Jul 2005, 23:24

rikaitch says:

The big question is, will shopkeepers in England and Wales still argue that the Scottish note is not legal tender even if the money comes out of an English bank cashpoint, taken from an English account, for the English amount.

(Pet hate y'see)

15th Jul 2005, 23:32

teflon says:

When you say English bank cashpoint, do you mean, for example, a Barclays cash machine in Glasgow which issues Scottish notes, or a Bank of Scotland cashpoint in London issuing Scottish notes? (although apparently they issue Bank of England notes)

According to this page, for every note issued by a Scottish or Northern Irish bank, the Bank of England must keep the equivalent in their own notes. Since there's a few billion pounds worth in circulation, they have to have some million pound notes to cover it.

16th Jul 2005, 00:50

afrodave says:

you'll be delighted to learn that some idiots are paying up to £18.26 (plus P&P;) for one of these notes. i'm no expert, but i'd value them at more like £5.

on another note, banks are allowed, under the Banknote (Scotland) Act 1845, to issue approximately £3m in unsecured notes (equivalent to the amount in circulation at the time of the Act) - the rest has to be backed with the aforementioned million pound notes.

16th Jul 2005, 18:49

teflon says:

I'm quite tempted to head down to the Royal Bank on Monday, and get some new fivers - some to put on eBay, and some to spend in English pubs. (After, of course, taking a sip or two of my pint)

16th Jul 2005, 20:05