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Dayside on Fox News

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He got in a nice plug for moblog.And Alfie? Nice chesthair!

anathemad says:

Well, our tv is 16:9 so he is being stretched in a natural wide mode, as fox is broadcast in a 4:3 aspcet ration.

14th Jul 2005, 18:26

cassiusdrow says:

a-I love that you know that stuff. :)

14th Jul 2005, 20:32

anathemad says:

aw, did I just give you a geekgasm?

And anyway I *have* to know it. Its required for survival in this house.

14th Jul 2005, 20:34

alfie says:

How did it come across? Its the only interview Ive been at all nervous in - the guy before me was saying stuff like "you wont know if your attorney, or your greengrocer is a jihad terrorist, they have infiltrated our society and they want to kill our children"

sooooo mad I was.

14th Jul 2005, 20:49

anathemad says:

You looked thoughtful, tired, but intelligent. I think you stressed overcoming fear incredibly well. It was a wonderful counterpoint to the previous guest. I'm betting the producers planned it that way.
Your points were underscored by such subtitles as
Hey Terrorists... We're Not Afraid. 1,000+ picture messages sent to website "werenotafraid.com"

14th Jul 2005, 21:02

anathemad says:

I'm hoping to be able to get copies of all these online tonight, so you can see for yourself.

14th Jul 2005, 21:03

alfie says:

ok good, thanks mate.

14th Jul 2005, 21:04

anathemad says:

I've got it here, but I don't have hosting so it'll either have to wait till daz contacts me, or you can provide me with an email address that can take a 4313KB file. Unless anyone els has any bright ideas?

15th Jul 2005, 04:33

bluesky57 says:

try downloading a Real Audio Encoder and squash it down to smaller size or a stream??

15th Jul 2005, 11:29

Euphro says:

A have you checked your GMail lately?

15th Jul 2005, 11:49

kel says:

fox news scares me, well done for surviving!

15th Jul 2005, 16:31