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Nouvelle Vague, live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. Their album was one of my favourites of last year (featuring punk and new wave classics treated to a French easy listening makeover), and I was curious to see how it would translate to a live environment. Perfectly well, it turns out: the arrangements for guitar, keyboard and drums are fairly simple, and the rotating pool of four chanteuses doing songs like Too Drunk To Fuck and Teenage Kicks are each wonderful in their own unique way. I love the fact that they all looked a little bit awkward on stage, as if they knew they were expected to do the French sexy thing, but couldn't really be arsed. Which is, of course, even sexier.

(Not pictured: splendid support act Hanne Hukkelberg, the bastard lovechild of Mary Coughlan and Bjork in all the best ways.)


Steve says:

That is my favorite album of the year so far, (apart from cover art, not so good) I am very envious, would love to hear them do "too Drunk to fuck" live

"wishing (if I had a photograph)" is my favorite track they do though.

12th Jul 2005, 10:25

kel, not logged in says:

that album's good dinner music...

14th Jul 2005, 16:14