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Weirdest game sequence ever

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So your main character needs to get inside some mansion and rescue one of his mates from the evil Don Corneo, who makes a habit of abducting girls and forcing them to join his harem. SO your character decides the best way to infilitrate is to cross dress. Cue a whole sequence of wandering aorund getting items to dress up in. The scenes here take place at the 'Honey Bee' Inn, the local pr0n palace and whore house, where after a difficult decision, our hero finds himself in a room full of bouncing mustachioed gayers, who proceed to get him into a bath (cue disturbing dialogue)
After our hero flees the room in terror, one of the big fellas comments 'daddy gets so lonely'.

I love video games :-)
5th Jul 2005, 11:51   | tags:,

kostika says:

What game is that? Cause I think I ay need to play it.

5th Jul 2005, 12:45

kikuchan says:

Heehee. It's Final Fantasy 7. I've just been replaying it as it's absolutely mental, and when I got to this part I remembered why I loved the game so much :-)

5th Jul 2005, 12:46

Joe says:

WTF!? superb :D

5th Jul 2005, 12:50

kikuchan says:

I know! Check out those 'taches. Superb.

5th Jul 2005, 12:55

kostika says:

I really don't remember that bit in FF7. I think its time to replay it.

5th Jul 2005, 13:08

kikuchan says:

It's a weird little sidequest right near the beginning of the game where you track down the ultimate cross-dressing items, including sexy cologne, blonde wig, silk dress and more. I got some nice lingerie after the Honey Bee Inn sequence.

5th Jul 2005, 16:03

alexis says:

So many people I know played it too young to get any of those bits.
the best / most unusual Cloud cosplay I've seen - you might get a kick out of this.

5th Jul 2005, 17:25

kikuchan says:

Ahahahahaha! That's feckin' brilliant. That is in fact, cross dresser Cloud cosplay. Genius.

5th Jul 2005, 17:57

alfie says:

awww, one of my favourite side quests evah! Not only did I have the wig and the dress, I also had the special alluring perfume - and that cosplay outfit? Inspired!

5th Jul 2005, 18:03

daz says:

My male, married Sim had gay sex in a hot tub yesterday. And I swear I did nothing to provoke this!

5th Jul 2005, 18:53

kikuchan says:

Those Sims are wanton beasts - you have to watch 'em, or who knows what they'll get up to?

5th Jul 2005, 19:53

alfie says:

jesus, the sims has progressed some since I first saw the game and thought to myself "boring".

6th Jul 2005, 07:49

Joe says:

"My male, married Sim had gay sex in a hot tub yesterday. And I swear I did nothing to provoke this!"

likely story :D

6th Jul 2005, 08:26

kostika says:

Daz what have you done!! :o)

6th Jul 2005, 08:35

daz says:

Nothing, seriously!!

... Besides buying the hot tub, that is... ;)

It started all innocently, "$MaleSim has brought along a colleague from work today!" -- next thing I know, they're getting it on in the hot tub...

(And the animation was quite disturbing, too.)

6th Jul 2005, 09:19

kostika says:

Hmmm...Hot Tubs are the devil''s work.

6th Jul 2005, 09:23

Joe says:

gosh, I'm shocked....and he's married, I wonder how his wife will take the news...

6th Jul 2005, 09:24

daz says:

She came home and bitchslapped both of them... I laughed so hard. :)

Now he's in love with both of them. It's so weird... :)

6th Jul 2005, 09:38

Joe says:

The tart!....she'll be setting up video cameras next

6th Jul 2005, 09:48