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You can probably guess what this is about.

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Celtic cross and claddagh tattoo


Patch(Beauanny-at-AOL-dot-com) says:


10th May 2004, 15:24

funkbutton says:

My feelings too. Excellent precise detail!

27th Jun 2004, 22:03

curious says:

ummmm is the tattoo upside down in the picture? :-\\

24th Jan 2005, 06:26

rawedge says:

yep the pics upside down and i can't rotate it, damn

3rd Mar 2005, 09:37

nat says:

HOT. i love it

3rd Oct 2005, 06:19

Kat says:

I love it! That's one of the sweetest tats I've ever seen!

17th Oct 2005, 21:26

seaneeboy says:

Flipped it for ya :)

26th Oct 2005, 16:18

mich says:


12th Feb 2006, 20:08

jo says:

its crap the detail is rubbish it must of been done by his nan

12th Feb 2006, 20:10

Jo-L says:

This is an awsome tat and to those of you say that its crap..Do you have any idea how important the claggagh is it the Irish culture? This is beautiful my complements to the artist.

13th Feb 2006, 08:44

Darragh says:

Absolute quality tattoo, have been lookin around the internet at loads and this is by a distance the best one

28th Feb 2006, 16:59

Mono says:

so important that you spelt it wrong...it's claddagh not claggagh.
Anyway, very nice tattoo, was it expensive?

7th Jun 2006, 18:45

chrick says:

amazing im thinkin of getting one jus like it but instead of the claggagh i want to get the sacred heart of jesus! awesome!!

7th Aug 2006, 21:13

peejer says:


30th Aug 2006, 20:54

Tia says:

i think its great and i want to do something like that on my neck its really amazing

21st Nov 2006, 19:40

anonymous says:

looks ok! i have seen better tho

8th Jan 2007, 17:06

anonymous says:

i really want a tatto of the Claddagh cos it does a such amazin meanin love friendship and loyalty i wana get a rememberence 1 4 my best m8.where did u find da design cos none ive seen r taking my fancy :)

12th Apr 2007, 21:05

Darragh says:

the claddagh emblem basically means "with my hands i give you my heart and crown it with love" its a nice tattoo

7th May 2007, 15:22

Daffy says:

amazing tattoo.
props to the artist.

21st May 2007, 03:01

courtney says:

actually... My mother who is irish always said a claddagh means love, friendship and loyalty. But anyways I love your tatoo I have been looking every were for some thing kind of like this for my tatoo....

5th Jul 2007, 21:19

Jim(floridashorts-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

The hands are upside down grasping the claddagh? I would be pissed

7th Sep 2007, 23:25

Tyrie says:

It means different things for different people - my mother told me it means, "may love and friendship reign." I like that. My wife gave me a claddagh ring for our 1st anniversary - her way of sayin' "I got ya!"

17th Oct 2007, 03:17

DEW says:


25th Oct 2007, 16:44

Nadine says:

I like it. I am getting one kinda like it, but mine will have 4 roses wrapped around it. The cross is for my mother, who has passed away and the roses for my kids. A tattoo is personal and as long as you like the hell with everyone else.

26th Oct 2007, 17:38

jess says:

awesome tattoo that is what ive been looking for but im gunna add a little to it to make it my own lol

28th Dec 2007, 06:52

browny says:

fukin mad tat heaps good

2nd May 2008, 10:04

kshadowz says:

its awesome i'm getting an irish claddagh ring tattooed onmy wrist this saturday.

6th Jan 2009, 15:03

Mel says:

This is rlly good...I wnt 1 just like it but with angel wings 2

8th Jun 2009, 05:30

fried chicken says:

i got one like that on my leg but its the right way lol but yours is great m8 also tomorrow im adding onto it with the prayer from the boondock saints!

7th Feb 2011, 21:13

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