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An eye for an eye teaches the world not to fuck with people's eyes.

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Morning ritual

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12th Jun 2005, 12:01   | tags:

Joe says:

and just one minute into the afternoon :D

12th Jun 2005, 13:14

kikuchan says:

Heh. Considering we finally fell into bed at around 4, it damn well qualifies as morning to me :-)

12th Jun 2005, 13:16

bronxelf says:

It's alive! ALIVE!!!!!!!!!

12th Jun 2005, 13:19

kikuchan says:

Only just : D

The status of AFD is yet to be confirmed though.

12th Jun 2005, 13:26

bronxelf says:

Only just awake here, but I think Im probably in better shape. Did you ever steer him into the spare room?

12th Jun 2005, 13:40

kikuchan says:

Yup. And then just covered him with a blanket and wobbled off. Bless him. I was reading back over some of the comments from last night - what was all that stuff about exploding cheese frogs?

Sooo much material. : D

12th Jun 2005, 13:46

bronxelf says:

No no, it;s better than cheese frogs.

They were *chess* frogs.

I am SOOOOOOO gonna run with the chess frog thing. I dont know why frogs, but Im sure what little remained of his brain remembered that the word "chess" would get my attention.

12th Jun 2005, 13:47

kikuchan says:


Chess frogs. Thank god for the twisty and strange recesses of that boys brain.


Chess frogs. Quantupled. And Exploding.

12th Jun 2005, 13:48

bronxelf says:

We're so running with that.

Oh yes.

Yes we are.

12th Jun 2005, 13:49

kikuchan says:

I knew we would :-)

12th Jun 2005, 13:51

Helen says:

I like it.

Does AFD draw?

12th Jun 2005, 13:52

kikuchan says:

Hmmm. Don't think so - unless he's been hiding it. Why? Do we need a visual representation of the chess frogs?


Everytime I type that phrase it makes me laugh.

12th Jun 2005, 13:54

bronxelf says:

AFD has told me he has no artistic skills at all...

On the other hand....

*looks around at the mountain of art supplies*

12th Jun 2005, 13:54

kikuchan says:

Go B.

make with the frogness.

12th Jun 2005, 13:55

bronxelf says:

Kiku: "Pawn to king's bishop three."



12th Jun 2005, 13:56

kikuchan says:


12th Jun 2005, 13:57

bronxelf says:

ooo... We could make a.....

OMG I just had an idea....

EDIT: Make that two ideas.


check your email.

12th Jun 2005, 13:57

Helen says:

I'm sure we all have our own idea of what a chess frog might look like...

I was just wondering... visually... what might be in the head of the AFD...

12th Jun 2005, 13:58

Helen says:

Actually, I retract that last statement.

12th Jun 2005, 13:59

kikuchan says:

Shall do.

Oh God! I just rememebred the video!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH! When I was having to fight AFD back from the keyboard *LMAO*

Sorry the phone was playing silly buggers too. Dunno what happened there. We hardly ever use the landline, so I don;t pay it tooo much attention.*needs new handset*

12th Jun 2005, 13:59

kikuchan says:

Yea, I don't know if I want to know all the details in AFDs head either...

But when he awakes I'll ask for clarification : D

12th Jun 2005, 14:00

bronxelf says:

Helen Im quite sure he has NO idea what a chess frog looks like. I am fairly certain that he went into what we call around here "Mike Doughty Mode", where you're just piecing words together cause they sound good in your ears.

12th Jun 2005, 14:00

bronxelf says:

Oh god, the video....

12th Jun 2005, 14:01

kikuchan says:

It was wonderful. I was weak with teh laughter by then, and that just pushed me over the edge.

12th Jun 2005, 14:03

bronxelf says:

I hate the way I look on video. I just figured you guys would have deleted it after cause you were so cacked.

12th Jun 2005, 14:05

kikuchan says:

I was way to cacked to remember to delete ANYTHING!

Oh god and the state of my kitchen table this morning. Like a cuban bar exploded on it.

Gotta wake the boy up soon, I'm feckin starving and I want my breakfast!

At 2 in the afternoon. Aaa, call it brunch.

12th Jun 2005, 14:07

bronxelf says:

I should also put clothes on.


Mat's enlarger will be here soonish.

12th Jun 2005, 14:08

kikuchan says:

Fuck it, I'm gonna have to have some toast. My stomach is DEMANDING FOOD!

12th Jun 2005, 14:16

bronxelf says:

You could make cheesy peas.

12th Jun 2005, 14:23

kikuchan says:


Nah, not for brunch! maybe later : D

12th Jun 2005, 14:30

kikuchan says:

Alfie is drinking Yakult 'Light'. Maybe - I think - it has less fat.

I just buy whichever they have in the store over the road. :-)

14th Jun 2005, 22:35