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I bought a massive antenna today, and me and Rich affixed it to a pole in the front garden. We now have Freeview! (over a year after I bought a box, but hey) and a clear picture on the first four channels, with five only slightly unclear (for reference, 5 is better than any other channel ever has been here before)

But we've lost the remote for the freeview box, so it's stuck on BBC1. Which we could get before. Oh well.
26th May 2005, 21:02   | tags:,,

teflon says:

woo, lovely silhouette.

By the way, as of tomorrow, you get E4. And E4+1, or as I prefer to call it, E5.

26th May 2005, 21:09

Hotdog says:

Looks like Rod Hull's last photo

26th May 2005, 21:12

Euphro says:

Hotdog: :D

We can get Freeview from the Tacolneston transmitter with a set-top aerial (well, it is boosted to the max) in Ely (about 25 miles, 40 km away) :) I must retune for E4/5

26th May 2005, 22:19

mat says:

I don't like much TV, but I do like good TV (not that there's too much of that any more). When we had Sky, I hated it - too much crap, too many adverts, always something vaguely non-crap enough to keep you watching. Brain-meltingly horrendous. That and one of my housemates's insistence on watching Fox News all the time. *shudder*

But FilmFour, BBC4, and BBC3 have some good programmes on. That's the reason I wanted Freeview (do filmfour do freeview? I'm not sure..)

Dr Who is, in my opinion, the best drama the BBC have made in the last ten years or more. I'm really really enjoying it. It's the only show I watch where I check the clock to see how much Who there is left to enjoy..

26th May 2005, 22:52

Rich says:

That housemate that watched Fox News was I, must confess. It was the buildup to the war, and the rampant jingoistic madness was strangely addictive. It's news crack, war porn. Mmmm, porn.

26th May 2005, 23:34

alexis says:

have to agree with teflon's comment. lovely .

27th May 2005, 03:27

michaelpj says:

phoenix: don't think we (in the broadcast industry) aren't trying to widen access to content! Here at auntie we're pretty keen to make media available to people as widely and straightforwardly as possible, particularly as we boffins are pretty convinced that there is *no* fully-workable technical solution to rights management. It's as much a problem for us in-house as anywhere else: we have a whole archive full of programme material that we no longer own the rights to (standard contracts mean that the rights revert to the artists after a certain number of broadcasts, often just two) and we have to pay for its upkeep. With a certain amount of hard-headedness we usually manage to beat the lawyers into agreeing: both the launch of BBC7 (which was mired in legal wrangling over use of old content) and the switch to unencrypted satellite transmissions show that auntie can beat the lawyers into agreeing!

27th May 2005, 08:22

teflon says:

..and look out for the launch of BBC iMP later in the year, which'll let you watch BBC stuff online a week after broadcast. A bit like the Radio Player, but for telly.

BBC Four really pisses me off sometimes. Occasionally, late at night, when I ought to be working, I'll stumble across a fantastic documentary or something, and be glued to my seat. And then it'll finish, and something else fascinating will come on.
I recommend The Thick Of It. A bit like Yes Minister, but as cringeworthly painful to watch as Peep Show.

27th May 2005, 08:56

kel says:

My main problems with Freeview:

1) New quality progs such as The Thick Of It (which I really, really want to see) get put on BBC 4 or 3 first, leaving us 'still trapped in terrestrial due to monetary or reception issues' behind and leaving the BBC 2 schedule not looking as innovative as it once might have done.

2) When I have watched it at teflon and aidan's place- the reception seems overly affected by things like next door turning on the washing machine, or too much rain in Glasgow. (And as you know, it rains a lot in Glasgow).

I am glad that Freeview makes digital telly a bit more accessible for those of us who can't really afford Sky at all, but is it ever going to get better tech-wise?
(e.g. my mum was told a few months ago that she (like mat) would have to fork out for a whole new external aerial before it would be worth her while getting a set top box.)

Anyway, I don't really know enough about the technology to say much, I just get worked up about all this more choice, when it isn't always more choice for everyone. (Blame Rupert Murdoch for coming along and taking my televised football away from me when I was little.) Viva public service broadcasting!


27th May 2005, 09:38

teflon says:

As I understand it, it could get better, once they switch off analogue. Then there will be more frequencies available, which could be used for DTT multiplexes; and in theory, each channel could get a little more space, so be of a higher quality.

Except the government will probably just auction off the spectrum to mobile phone companies, or the broadcasters will try to squeeze in more channels at lower quality.

Catch 22.

27th May 2005, 11:28

Laszlo Q. V. St-J. Xalieri says:

Just means that al4ie will be streaming shows to your mobile phone instead of you watching them on your telly.


27th May 2005, 15:00