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Oh buoy, oh buoy, oh buoy

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Steve says:

how did you get away with that pun for so long?

22nd May 2005, 00:53

Helen says:

That's my buoy!

22nd May 2005, 11:14

Steve says:

hangs head and tuts, its not that you have let me down..... you have let yourself down...

22nd May 2005, 12:49

Helen says:

I'm so sorry -- I blame the buoys that I've been hanging around with.

22nd May 2005, 14:20

Steve says:

Ah you did it again...... I feel dirty and used just reading it.

22nd May 2005, 19:35

Helen says:

Silly buoy.

You shouldn't let it get to you.

22nd May 2005, 20:05

Steve says:

stop....... please stop.......

22nd May 2005, 23:08

Helen says:

Awww, can't you cope with my buoyant spirits?

22nd May 2005, 23:22

daz says:


22nd May 2005, 23:23

McN says:

"The buoys are back in town?"

22nd May 2005, 23:23

Helen says:

I think I need to get a life(,) buoy.

(Puts on best Norfolk accent: have you got a life[,] buoy?)

22nd May 2005, 23:26

Steve says:

I think we are floating off topic...... they don't look very domestic.... are they wild buoys?

22nd May 2005, 23:31

Helen says:

Think I'm all buoyed up now.

22nd May 2005, 23:31

Steve says:

that sounds rude!

22nd May 2005, 23:34

Helen says:

Poor buoy.

22nd May 2005, 23:37

Helen says:

I'm not afloat, I'm-a moored.

22nd May 2005, 23:55

Steve says:

what ever floats your boat!

22nd May 2005, 23:58

Helen says:

Oh man, Friday seems such a long way off.

23rd May 2005, 00:18

Helen says:

Ay, life's just beachy.

23rd May 2005, 00:25

Helen says:

All depends on how you sea things.

23rd May 2005, 00:58

Helen says:

Buoy, buoy.

23rd May 2005, 01:15

Jane Doe says:

: )

2nd Dec 2007, 23:19

Euphro says:

We need a compilation page for all of these :D

2nd Dec 2007, 23:32

punpower says:


pun lovers, send your puns my way!

your contribution could be the difference of my blog sinking or swimming. you have really buoyed my hopes. i hope the blog ropes you all in, and remember to float your ideas past me for the site.

14th May 2009, 22:29