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The moblog of Katie Lee. This is the moblog I set up for an article I wrote for the Indy on Sunday. I liked it so much I decided to stay!

I'm co-founder of www.shinymedia.com, a lovely blog publishing type company.

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Yay! First time I've left the house in days

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12th May 2005, 14:29  


Joe says:

mmmmm humps.
[edit: love the colours in this shot]

12th May 2005, 14:29

Euphro says:

Are you feeling technology withdrawal symptoms yet? :D

12th May 2005, 14:31

FakeID says:

Is that beacuse you have become addicted?

12th May 2005, 14:40

ShinyKatie says:

Luckily I took a lot of technology with me to keep me going. And yes, FakeID, I have become entirely addicted. This wasn't meant to happen. I can see me keeping this on long after the piece I write is chip paper.

13th May 2005, 10:48

Joe says:

Glad to hear it! :) I came looking for a place to dump my camphone pictures so I had an online place to keep them....I've been trapped here ever since...

13th May 2005, 10:53

seaneeboy says:

I was more looking for somewhere I could keep a blog that wouldn't sound a pretentious at 80% of blogspot's output :D

13th May 2005, 11:07

kostika says:

I blame Alfie and Joe and Warren. Its their fault I'm here and addicted.

Maybe we need an MA group.

13th May 2005, 11:10

Euphro says:

#You can log out any time you like, but you can never leave...#

13th May 2005, 11:15

Joe says:

me!? it's not my fault honest!
[edit haha nice one Euphro....welcome to the moblog california :) ]

13th May 2005, 11:18

kostika says:

It is Joe. The three of you combined have condemned me to addiction. :o)

13th May 2005, 11:22

ShinyKatie says:

I can safely conclude that you're all evil and now I'm trapped here. I didn't think anyone would even look at this till the piece went in the paper - and then only a few adventurous types.

13th May 2005, 12:39

mat says:

Katie, if you want any information about the site that you can't find by looking around, feel free to drop me an email via the "contact" button on the menu up top, I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

I accept no responsibility for lost time, sleep or a decrease in working output due to use of this site. :)

13th May 2005, 12:42

Euphro says:

I wish I'd read that disclaimer before I innocently sent my first pic :D

13th May 2005, 12:46

crickson says:

thinks of new slogan:
*Moblog: reducing working output efficiency since 2004*

13th May 2005, 12:50

Joe says:

hahah....quite a claim to fame :)

13th May 2005, 12:54

kostika says:

OH MY! Crick how true that is!!

Katie if ya need anything, jsut yell :o)

13th May 2005, 12:55

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