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I make things on the web, mobile and in the actual world.

I've done lots of bits and bobs over the years, and right now I'm mostly working on this.

I enjoy speaking about things I like, most recently this. You can email me if you'd like, and I'm on twitter.

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moblogUK win Web-User Gold award

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It's been quite a day :)

An amazing interview with the gracious and self deprecating Mat, and today we win the Web-User gold award for moblog services.

We beat out typepad plus, and Buzznet to silver and bronze awards respectively. And rightly so, coz we rule - we, collectively, everyone here makes this site what it is :)

With my incredible touch typing skills I will hack out the piece on us


:it's simple, its fun, its free... and its British.

What we liked: MoblogUK beats it's competitors hands down on ease of use and community
verve - two crucial qualities in a moblogging service. MoblogUK members are evangelistic about the site, and its not hard to see why. Signing up takes seconds, doesn't cost a penny,and like all the sites we recommend, it doesnt blind you with mobile technology.

If you do need help, customer support is excellent. First you're given the option to set up your own personal moblog, with its own theme (template) an RSS feed to make it easy for you to post photos, video and audio files by email or camera phone.But if you really want to get into the moblog spirit, involve yourself in the sites various shared community blogs.

The shared moblogs are well worth a visit, even if you dont fancy posting anytrhing yourself (yet). They cover lots of topics, such as road signs, graffiti and even a t-shirt design competition with prizes - sign up for the free newsletter to be notified of new comps. If you have a new idea for a shared moblog, just suggest it to the site.Despite being free, moblogUK lays on some thoughful features that aren't common elsewhere, including Copytright Commons licenses to protect your posted photos, and a blessed absence of adverts or pop-ups.

What we didnt like:

Not a lot, really. MoblogUK is about posting instant images and brief captions, not 8000 word essays that would shame navel gazers anonymous. This is moblogging for the masses, not mind melting techie sophistication of the nathan barley variety. And for that, we love it all the more.


Ease of use: 5 stars
Value for money: 5 stars
Overall : 5 stars


seaneeboy says:

It's nice being number one!

28th Apr 2005, 18:22

bronxelf says:

*huge* cheers and smiles from the downtown 1 train!
way to go, guys. you deserve every bit of praise. :D :D :D

28th Apr 2005, 18:23

Lyzardly says:

I think all should blog a glass in toast to MoblogUK and the well deserved recognition!

I must wait until I'm off work, so my "toast post" will arrive later.

28th Apr 2005, 18:26

alfie says:

It's certainly MBUK's day -

*sips chablis, smiles a lot.

28th Apr 2005, 18:26

seaneeboy says:

I'm more of a shambles than a chablis...

28th Apr 2005, 18:29

crickson says:

Wow, do you actually get a gold award? Like an Oscar or something?

28th Apr 2005, 18:34

alfie says:

that would be nice - however I think it's just a ferarri delivered to your door.

28th Apr 2005, 18:35

Lyzardly says:

That's a shame. Sorry for your luck, man.

28th Apr 2005, 18:36

crickson says:

Well done, it's great that the hard work you guys put in is being recognised.

28th Apr 2005, 18:39

Helen says:

Oh the pride.

28th Apr 2005, 19:02

kostika says:

This so rocks!

28th Apr 2005, 19:31

hurrah hurrah!! *chinks glass of lemonade on screen*

28th Apr 2005, 19:38

sallypnut says:


I'm road-tripping later today to visit two other mobloggers. We'll drink a toast tonight!

28th Apr 2005, 19:53

Arkadeis says:

w00t. This site does rock. The award is well deserved.

28th Apr 2005, 19:59

540air says:

Woohoo!! What a week this is turning into.
The arrival of Tabitha, a mention during mat's ace interview about our "artistic community", and now this. EXCELLENT!!!! :D
More beers for me!!

28th Apr 2005, 20:33

neel says:

Well done!

[ neel pops a party-popper ]

28th Apr 2005, 20:48

alfie says:

and congrats 540!! I wasnt around yesterday, and you only went and named your daughter after my girlfriend! :D

28th Apr 2005, 21:00

neel says:

Aww! I missed out on that particular moment - is this the first moblogified baby?

28th Apr 2005, 21:01

daz says:

Congratz on the award! So well deserved! :D

28th Apr 2005, 21:04

mat says:

Neel - there is always young Harry (which I think is an excellent idea for a moblog)

28th Apr 2005, 21:05

neel says:

And so begins a generation of entirely-uploaded children.

28th Apr 2005, 22:02

Jennifer says:


28th Apr 2005, 22:03

McN says:

Well done, and thank-you for giving us an outlet for our creativity (says she who failed O-level art)

28th Apr 2005, 22:25

540air says:

Didn't realise that Alf. Obviously your interwebby brainwaves transmogrified into mine and Mrs540's heads togive us the name ;D

Harry's blog is very cool, so there maybe a blog for each of my tribe in the future. Tabs is close to getting her own already!!
So i'd only have another 5 after hers , without doing anything on mine!!
I'll have to quit work and become a full time blogger!! ;)

28th Apr 2005, 23:12

gad123 says:

Cool, very cool! :)

28th Apr 2005, 23:22

ookiine says:


CHEERS! Great work you do!

29th Apr 2005, 02:20

Euphro says:

Hurrah for MoblogUK! It just confirms what we all already know: "MoblogUK changed my life" :D

29th Apr 2005, 08:26

Joe says:

Of all the praise I like ookiine's best...its great news and very much deserved...I even bought the magazine especially.

29th Apr 2005, 08:38

fraction says:


29th Apr 2005, 09:48

Hey, bit late to this, but bloody well done everyone! I'd like to thank Sony Ericsson, O2, my fans, my girlfriend, my cats...

29th Apr 2005, 10:01

alfie says:

hehehe :)
gracious acceptance speech there Chris, you're going to rule TV land ;)

29th Apr 2005, 10:04

Cheers alfie!

I always have an acceptance speach planned in case of unexpected award ceremonies. you can't be too careful.. ;-)

29th Apr 2005, 18:29

Great website! Bookmarked! I am impressed at your work! (barrycmster-at-gmail-dot-com) says:

Great website! Bookmarked! I am impressed at your work!

2nd Jul 2006, 15:18