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Thanks Joe!
28th Apr 2005, 15:52   | tags:,

crickson says:

Great interview, I had no idea I was part of an artists collective.... I may grow a goatee now I know : )>

28th Apr 2005, 15:59

mat says:

*dons polo neck jumper*

*strokes chin*

Yeeeeessssss. How delightful... :)

28th Apr 2005, 16:00

Hotdog says:

I'll have to get more arty with my blog

28th Apr 2005, 16:20

kostika says:

Okay i'm definately downloading that when I get home.

28th Apr 2005, 16:20

Adam says:

Ace interview Mat!

28th Apr 2005, 16:23

bronxelf says:

If we're an artists collective now, does this mean I can sit around in my underwear and create things all day?

*looks around at clothing and desk*


Uh. Nevermind.

28th Apr 2005, 16:23

crazyb says:

I dont think stting arounf in your underwear and creating things counts as artistic.

I do that most days! Doesn't pay very well either!

28th Apr 2005, 16:38

bronxelf says:

You need a better system! It really does pay well if you work it out right.

28th Apr 2005, 16:43

daz says:

lol! :D

GREAT interview, by the way. And quite a sexy voice you have there, mat! ;D

28th Apr 2005, 16:48

spongevid says:

wow, he said we're all well beahved and don't post naughty images! aren't we all good kids! :-D

28th Apr 2005, 16:49

mat says:

You're all awesome. Seriously. :)

28th Apr 2005, 16:51

daz says:

this is so gonna prompt some camwhores (both male and female!!) to prove him wrong... ;_;

28th Apr 2005, 16:51

Lyzardly says:

Well the random image on the home page, last I visited, was BOOBS!

28th Apr 2005, 16:52

Helen says:


28th Apr 2005, 16:52

daz says:

So that's you then, Helen? :)

28th Apr 2005, 17:05

crazyb says:

I have never looked or really thought about what the rules are for what you can post to moblog.

The only thing that stops me posting anything "adult" is cos there are loads of guys around who would cause hell, also someone I know might see!

28th Apr 2005, 17:45

mat says:

The terms and conditions are rather vague in parts, but we've kind of gravitated towards 'Safe for Work' as a definition for what's OK.

There are long-standing plans for an 'unsafe for work' version of the site, but there are some issues that need working out before that can happen.

28th Apr 2005, 17:54

crazyb says:

Well as many people here have come to realise I run a journal site, and recently added an image upload facility, and a few people highly abused this and I didn't notice.

Til I got an email from my hoster telling me my account have been suspended due to unsuitable material.

So I understand your concerns.
Although I now allow adult content, I do have to monitor it.

'Safe for work' sounds like a sensible policy!

28th Apr 2005, 17:57

crazyb says:

Although saying that a post I made of my funny pj's showed my boobs in a way more than I'd ever show at work. But If I viewed such images at work, it wouldn't matter.. Funny world we live in....

28th Apr 2005, 17:58

crazyb says:


28th Apr 2005, 17:59

seaneeboy says:


28th Apr 2005, 18:03

crazyb says:

Seaneeboy you giggling at me? or something else? Shall I just leave now? Before I get in trouble?

28th Apr 2005, 18:15

seaneeboy says:

I always giggle when people keep on talking to fill silences... :D

28th Apr 2005, 18:16

alfie not logged in bah! says:

what a day!!! and now we've only gone and won Web Users Gold Award for best moblog site on the planet!!!!!

28th Apr 2005, 18:18

seaneeboy says:

As if there was ever any doubt!

I love it here, it's lovely and long may it reign!

28th Apr 2005, 18:20

crazyb says:

I am a huge fan. I used to hate blogs as well! Its amazing how 1 wel designed site can change that!

28th Apr 2005, 18:42

Helen says:




28th Apr 2005, 19:07

sallypnut says:

Excellent interview. Congrats!

*thinks mat sounds sexy

28th Apr 2005, 19:18

alexis says:

I hope you're out celebrating. congrat's, again. : )

28th Apr 2005, 19:18

mat says:


I'm in celebrating. By not doing any work for an evening. Might even go as far as watching a film or something... :)

28th Apr 2005, 19:26

alexis says:

WHAT?! no ice cream/cake/beer/wild party?!

well, have a good evening, then. relax and stuff.
: )

28th Apr 2005, 19:31

mysocalledmoblog says:

woowoo!! i like the 'more er... adult content...' comment...searching for a radio friendly word!!

that was quite exciting, well done mat :D xx

28th Apr 2005, 19:33

alfie says:

*raises glass


28th Apr 2005, 19:38

mat says:

I'm mostly just enjoying being really happy. You lot are all far too nice to me. :)

28th Apr 2005, 19:57

Arkadeis says:

Great interview Mat.

28th Apr 2005, 20:00

Euphro says:

Great interview mat :D My keyboard was even mentioned :D

28th Apr 2005, 23:44

540air says:

Your keyboard, Lyz's tube train, and my baby......... Excellent :D
Shows how diverse moblog is.

Great interview mat. :)

29th Apr 2005, 00:49

McN says:

Just listened to the interview .. I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy for some strange reason.

29th Apr 2005, 13:39

Lyzardly says:

Finally , I was able to listen.

Mat - Ya done good! :)

29th Apr 2005, 13:45