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Found in a park in the Finsbury park area
20th Mar 2005, 14:38   | tags:,,

Helen says:


20th Mar 2005, 14:56

rassilon7 says:

Wiccans as in druids and the like

20th Mar 2005, 14:58

Helen says:

So, Wiccans with wickerwork.

What's inside it?

20th Mar 2005, 14:59

rassilon7 says:

I could tell you but then I would have to kill you, "yee know to much already"

20th Mar 2005, 15:02

Helen says:


Well, it looks a bit like a Christmas tree. Or half a Christmas tree.

20th Mar 2005, 15:11

rassilon7 says:

Is the tree half empty or half full????

20th Mar 2005, 15:14

Helen says:

All depends on whether it was a full-tree and has been cut in half, or has never been a full-tree and is only half-way to growing to fullness.

20th Mar 2005, 15:21

rassilon7 says:

Wow thats so deep I didnt understand it at all! I got as far as "Depends" then you lost me :)

20th Mar 2005, 15:34

Helen says:

Don't worry. I'm always losing people.

20th Mar 2005, 15:35

rassilon7 says:

are they down the back of the sofa? when I lose something its generally there

20th Mar 2005, 15:37

Helen says:

Could be. Or under the bed.

I probably tidied them away somewhere.

20th Mar 2005, 15:38

rassilon7 says:

don't go under the bed, it always works out badly in horror movies

20th Mar 2005, 15:40

bronxelf says:

Might be.

Equinox, you know.... I can ask. *goes to ask*

21st Mar 2005, 00:34

rassilon7 says:

Mmm??? slightly confused blank stare

21st Mar 2005, 00:36

bronxelf says:

I was going to ask a Wiccan friend if this had anything to do with Equinox. But she's not online.

And you know, I guess Im not cool enough for you, or whatever.

21st Mar 2005, 01:57

rassilon7 says:

I am sure you are both mighty and cool.

Really didnt get what you where posting, Now I understand I thought Equinox was a handle silly me.

The wicca ball has been in the tree since at least christmas, thats when i moved to the area

21st Mar 2005, 02:01

bronxelf says:

Oh okay. I thought you were saying it was a recent fixture. Equinox is tomorrow (or today, where you are). I thought it might be something related.

*shrug* I was going to ask a close friend in California, but she isnt around to ask.

It's interesting though.

21st Mar 2005, 02:20

ladymuck says:


*rubs eyes, sniffs*

That's scary. I've only just woken up.

22nd Jul 2005, 08:54

Steve says:

Its actually quite nice and peacefull close up :)

22nd Jul 2005, 08:56

anonymous says:

hi whereare you all from?

8th Aug 2005, 15:13

starshadow says:

and how old are you?

8th Aug 2005, 15:14

strshadow says:

tht annonymous was me by the way

8th Aug 2005, 15:15

Steve says:

I am from devon, via coventry, devon again, then london, then brighton, Now London (Finsbury park). and I am a young 29. and you?

8th Aug 2005, 15:19

Shayna says:

i myself is a wiccan and im only 12!

14th May 2006, 23:15

Steve says:

well done *pats head*

14th May 2006, 23:16

daz says:


14th May 2006, 23:18