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Presenting lighting, theatre and weather: formerly from the hills of Yorkshire, with bits and pieces of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and trips to Edinburgh; when the music stops, where will neel end up?
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Phil's curtained window.
18th Mar 2005, 18:46  

bronxelf says:

That's really lovely. :)

18th Mar 2005, 18:49

neel says:

Thanks bronxelf. I almost prefer it to the others, even though it features more of our terrible curtains.

18th Mar 2005, 18:52

Helen says:


18th Mar 2005, 18:56

bronxelf says:

See, from this angle the curtains look like one of those expensive textiles I see all the time in showrooms, that change color depending on your angle of view. In fact, I know for a certainty they make them in that green/pink combination, in silk.

18th Mar 2005, 19:35

neel says:

They really aren't. Really. They're quite, quite ghastly.

The pink is entirely from the sunset - the curtains themselves are mainly light green, with rough squares of darker green, yellow and blue and brown circles that look like a muddy football's been repeatedly kicked against them.

18th Mar 2005, 19:39

Helen says:

And they seem to let a lot of light in.

18th Mar 2005, 19:41

neel says:

This is from the outside - hence the reflection on the glass with the curtains behind. The curtains would be a bit rubbish if they let so much light in at sunset.

18th Mar 2005, 19:45

Helen says:

Aha! Thanks for explaining that. Feel a bit stupid now.

18th Mar 2005, 19:49

bronxelf says:

Helen: I thought it was taken from the inside too. *laughs*

18th Mar 2005, 20:21

Helen says:

That makes me feel a bit better : )

18th Mar 2005, 20:39

they would be SERIOUSLY useless curtains if it was taken from inside!!! in fact, i don't think they could even call themselves curtains!! cool picture though :)

18th Mar 2005, 23:40

neel says:

They'd be more of a projection screen.

But it's an easy mistake-a to make-a. I should have been more descriptive.

19th Mar 2005, 01:50

Helen says:

Yes. Yes you should.

19th Mar 2005, 01:54

neel says:


19th Mar 2005, 01:59

Helen says:

: )

19th Mar 2005, 02:07

bronxelf says:

I'd have just said they were sheers. They're common enough here.

19th Mar 2005, 02:09

neel says:

After the spillage, I've had two glasses of wine: the entire weekend will now be wasted while I try and work off a pathetically large hangover.

19th Mar 2005, 02:17

Helen says:

Drink water!

(Two glasses? Pffft.)

19th Mar 2005, 02:19

neel says:

Roger that. I can feel the dehydration creeping up on me - a roomful of salt doesn't help!

19th Mar 2005, 02:25

Helen says:

Like being at the seaside. Or not.

19th Mar 2005, 02:26

terra says:

amazing, i love the color

19th Mar 2005, 10:20

neel says:

Strange how things turn out, isn't it? This looks far better than the actual shots of the sunset. Ce la vie.

19th Mar 2005, 12:48

beth says:

3rd! well done. alfie got in there too.. i still love rich's picture.

26th Apr 2005, 11:37

Helen says:

Ah, the winner's from Sydney. All their mates will have gone along to vote...

Hehe, well done !

26th Apr 2005, 11:59

Joe says:

well done neel :)

few mobloggers in there, Bronxelf was a finalist, as was Nalsa, me, Beth, Alfie, Rich..god we're good.

26th Apr 2005, 12:03

Helen says:

And Mr rassilon7 I believe.

26th Apr 2005, 12:09

Joe says:

ooo which one?

26th Apr 2005, 12:10

Helen says:

'Calm Before the Storm'.

26th Apr 2005, 12:12

Joe says:

oh nice :)...looks like we have the majority of images :)

26th Apr 2005, 12:13

Helen says:

Well, yes, 50% at the last count.


26th Apr 2005, 12:16

neel says:

[ neel gets back from "work" ]

[ neel finds exciting news awaiting him ]

[ neel is gabberflasted ]

Thankyou, thankyou. Very unexpected, etc. No, really: I'd like to point out that Rich's, Beth's and Joe's - not to mention all those other moblogers who made the grade! - are all much betterer than mine.

But who am I to argue with the obviously excellent artistic sensibilities of the great Australian public? Yay for everyone! Yay for moblogUK!

[ neel wanders off to have a wash ]

26th Apr 2005, 23:12

Helen says:

Mr Modesty.

26th Apr 2005, 23:38

neel says:

That's-a me.

26th Apr 2005, 23:59

Helen says:

Yeah, yeah : )

27th Apr 2005, 00:00

neel says:

What else am I supposed to do - bask in my own reflected glory? Besides, I owe moblog muchness.

27th Apr 2005, 00:05

Helen says:


27th Apr 2005, 00:05