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It was at this point that I realised that I had lost the dog

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I found him in the next-field-but-one.

The last picture is a blob of snow, reflected. Looks a bit like a domino to me.
8th Mar 2005, 22:07   | tags:,,

daz says:

Is that a Cairn terrier? Looks like my dad's doggie. :)

8th Mar 2005, 23:09

Helen says:

He's half Norfolk Terrier and half Cairn Terrier. He's a terror : )

8th Mar 2005, 23:14

daz says:

Just like my dad's Cairnie. ;)

9th Mar 2005, 09:06

Helen says:

Yes, I'm sure Henrietta doesn't run off in a flash after rabbits. Much less troublesome!

9th Mar 2005, 12:52

Rich says:

Awww, it's such a cute lil rat-dog thing! I'd like a norfolk terrier, or even a norwich terrier, except my wonderous housemates would take the piss something rotten and I find little dogs do have a tendancy towards utter psychosis...

9th Mar 2005, 13:01

beth says:

benji is all love

9th Mar 2005, 13:05

Helen says:

Rat-dog is exactly what Cairns are supposed to be... although this little half rat-dog hasn't caught so much as a rabbbit, let alone a rat. He, however, will eat the live mice that the cats bring for him.

The house mates would fall for the little dog, no problem. Although they can be very, very bad. This one lulls us into a sense of false security, by being as good as gold and then darting off like a mad thing.

He goes to dog-school in April.

9th Mar 2005, 13:11

Rich says:

Bless. We used to have a wee terrier, who would have been great on his own but he was introduced into a house with our elderly, much loved dog Blackie (yes, awful name, especially seeing as we walked him around the UEA with it's large population of students from Foreign - we'd have to shout "here... dog..." instead, to varying degrees of success) Wellington (for it was he) was a cutey for 99% of the time but would occasionally spring into incredibly violent action, trying to displace the top dog with his teeth. I still have the evidence of such an attack on my little finger.

Housemates probably would fall in love, however it's difficult to know how much input they'd put in with the walking and the feeding and the whatnot.

9th Mar 2005, 13:52

Helen says:

Ah well, it would be your dog, so they'd probably just walk and feed and do what they like with it, as and when they please. They'd love that. That's the best way to have a dog, when it's someone else's. A bit like children, but not quite.

Benji can be quite mean to the cats, but they have claws.

9th Mar 2005, 14:20