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Presenting lighting, theatre and weather: formerly from the hills of Yorkshire, with bits and pieces of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and trips to Edinburgh; when the music stops, where will neel end up?
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Next step: profit!
22nd Feb 2005, 12:22  

Helen says:

Good thinking.

22nd Feb 2005, 12:46

spongevid says:

you be full of plans and ideas!!

22nd Feb 2005, 13:03

neel says:

Well it's not exactly megapixel, but it is 3 times the resolution of a T610, so I'll be happy enough for the moment.

22nd Feb 2005, 13:41

Joe says:

the k700 is a superb phone, the panoramic feature is brilliant...good choice :)

22nd Feb 2005, 13:50

neel says:

I'd completely forgotten about the panoramic whatsit - still BooToof'ing things. I actually find myself amused to have some sort of portable mp3 thingie - should be just enough for a bus ride.

22nd Feb 2005, 13:56

spongevid says:

yay! mp3s in mobiles are great! except when you fill the memory with songs and then when you have a moblog moment there's no memory! boo!

22nd Feb 2005, 14:13

neel says:

I'll be careful of that. Since I won't get any lovely iTunes integration I may as well convert a bunch of favourite tunes to slightly-lower-quality mp3ige and use them.

My T610 transfered files at about 5KB/s, but this beast motors along at 20-22KB/s! Trying to send files from phone via BooToof makes it crash for some reason, but I can easily browse the phone contents from BlueTooth File Exchange on my Mac, so it's not exactly a problem.

22nd Feb 2005, 14:17

mat says:

two words: mp3 ringtones.


22nd Feb 2005, 14:27

spongevid says:

mp3 ringtones = thundercats theme tune*

*other theme tunes are available

22nd Feb 2005, 14:30

Joe says:

hehehe...I have an unkle tune in mp3 as my ringtone

22nd Feb 2005, 14:40

mat says:

Mine's currently Go Spastic (click 'audio' to listen. duh)

It gets my attention pretty well, although I do tend to want to listen to my ringtone rather than answer my phone...

22nd Feb 2005, 14:45

neel says:

Actually I'm extremely boring when it comes to ringtones: I'm annoyed that this is the first phone I've had (#5) that doesn't ship with an actual "phone ring" noise.

I may well record my old phone ring as an mp3 and use that...

22nd Feb 2005, 14:47