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23rd Jan 2005, 19:26  


neel says:

Ray Charles?

23rd Jan 2005, 19:27

elizzie says:

lol!! NO!! keep tying! =D

23rd Jan 2005, 19:29

neel says:

The shades,' tash and teeth made me think, is all.

[ racks brain ]

23rd Jan 2005, 19:32

Helen says:

He's called Tim and he lives in Suffolk?

23rd Jan 2005, 19:37

neel says:

I know two Tom's from Suffolk. Three, actually. But none of them look like that.

I think this guy's more of a "Dave". Yeah, "Dave".

23rd Jan 2005, 19:39

elizzie says:

No, I don't know any Tim who lives in Suffolk... =|

23rd Jan 2005, 19:41

Helen says:

Neel... I said Tim, not Tom. I don't know any Toms that look like that. Definitely not a Tom.

Hmmm. Professor Robert Winston?

23rd Jan 2005, 19:45

elizzie says:

No Tom, No Tim, No Robert!
One clue...He is a politician

23rd Jan 2005, 19:49

mat says:

Fidel Castro?

23rd Jan 2005, 20:02

elizzie says:

Uiii! Just about...but he is not Fidel...

23rd Jan 2005, 20:04

neel says:

Yeah, but I only know one Tim, and that's not as amusing as three Tom's.

Is it Tony Blairs?

23rd Jan 2005, 20:04

elizzie says:

haha Tony Blair?? He hasn't moustache!

23rd Jan 2005, 20:07

neel says:

Look more closely...

- not too close!

23rd Jan 2005, 20:09

jaggysnake says:

I'm thinking the same as Mermaid?

23rd Jan 2005, 20:24

elizzie says:

No, he isn't...
He is a friend of Bush.

23rd Jan 2005, 20:26

neel says:

Well, despite my extensive knowledge of the movers and shakers in American politics, I'm drawing a blank.

Laura Bush?

23rd Jan 2005, 20:33

elizzie says:

Another clue...He has been in the Azores :P

23rd Jan 2005, 20:36

mat says:

Jose Maria Aznar?

nasty man..

23rd Jan 2005, 21:04

neel says:

All I have to help me is an innernet connection - no reputable encyclopedias on real paper.

Is it Bush's secret uncle, who's mad, and they keep him locked up in the White House attic? That would explain the nude dancing. I think he's dancing to some Blur. Maybe "ParkLife".

23rd Jan 2005, 21:04

elizzie says:

YESSS! He's Aznar (or Ansar...), a nasty, stupid, selfish, self-centred and fascist man! The former president of Spain too...

23rd Jan 2005, 21:10

mat says:

I thought it was maybe the current Prime Minister, but then I remembered an election after the Madrid bombings, and the Socialists got in with a landslide victory. Some googling later, I recognised Aznar's name.

How is living in Socialism, Lizzie?

23rd Jan 2005, 21:11

neel says:

Lizzie lives in Socialism?

[ neel reaches for his Commie Alarm ]

23rd Jan 2005, 21:14

neel says:

[ neel reins in his sillyness ]

23rd Jan 2005, 21:18

Helen says:

Neel, please don't do that.

Thank you.

23rd Jan 2005, 21:29

elizzie says:

Althoug the government is socialist the capitalism rules, so the really important things haven't changed too much, but at least they "try" and the critical situation we were living has stopped...
OK...I know I can be so boring talking about politics :)
Thanks for playing, I will send you -someday- the money. lol

23rd Jan 2005, 21:31

eddiejamx says:

Aznar is a good guy .... i know that... lol ....

23rd Jan 2005, 21:57

neel says:

I really can't draw, so "me in the buff" would be a hideous thing on multiple levels. Although the prospect of being a mystery object is a little appealing.

23rd Jan 2005, 22:53

esu says:

diox se me habia pasao esta foto!!!
que buena caricatura del pepemari XDD

esteeee mejor no entramos en comentarios politicos XDDDD

25th Jan 2005, 20:07

elizzie says:

hahaha!! me parece que eso que le cuelga se lo he echo demasiado largo (y no precisamente las trenzitas, que no se ven muy bien!)... XDDD

25th Jan 2005, 21:23

esu says:

pero lo has dibujao tu??
jo, aunque sea una caricatura, me gustaria dibujar bien :( ^^

1st Feb 2005, 08:10

elizzie says:

No, lo dibujo un amigo...a mi se me da mas bien el ZP, mas vale que no se porte mal que sino aparecera junto al Aznarin jeje

1st Feb 2005, 20:04

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