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The metaphorical
however intimately
with the literal
is still

inside me

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Waiting for the train some guy called me Baby... Was curious to see how I looked, and this is it according to the camera phone.

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16th Dec 2004, 22:04   | tags:,


ideolocator says:

mmm, helloooo baby :*

17th Dec 2004, 10:26

540air says:

That's a "F**K OFF" look if ever I saw one. What did the guy do.... run? ;)

17th Dec 2004, 10:44

Lyzardly says:

People don't run from "F**K OFF" looks in NYC, they think you're hitting on them.

And it's not so much a look of irritation as a look of "I'm cold, tired, and confused."

"You don't have to call me darlin, Darlin'. You never even call me by my name."

17th Dec 2004, 11:44

540air says:

hehe :)
So if people in NYC think you're hitting on them when you give them a foff look, what happens if you smile, marriage proposals?? ;)

17th Dec 2004, 11:50

Lyzardly says:

Now that would be just silly.

Especially since smiling means "You think the bathroom is big enough for the two of us, or should we step out into the alley?"


17th Dec 2004, 12:00

Joe says:

maybe it's the british prude in me, but I would never call somebody I didn't know "baby"...thats just rude.

17th Dec 2004, 12:08

540air says:

Damn, I must have missed out on loads of fun when I was in NYC. People kept smiling at me and being british n I guess a little naive, I thought they were just being nice!!!!!!!! ;P

What a fool I am, but I must make a mental note to remember that next time I'm there!!

17th Dec 2004, 12:18

seaneeboy says:

But if you're brittish, and drunkenly call someone baby, you come off as either really sleezy or really cheesy...

17th Dec 2004, 12:42

540air says:

....and usually end up getting a slap for your troubles!!

17th Dec 2004, 13:01

seaneeboy says:

... then a round of applause from your similarly drunken mates!

17th Dec 2004, 13:04

540air says:

aahhhh the memories!! :)

17th Dec 2004, 14:19

anonymous says:

you look great,

23rd Dec 2005, 12:16

Amanda says:

Yes, you do indeed look very good.

23rd Dec 2005, 12:28

Dave says:

Don't you like being called 'baby', baby?

8th Jun 2008, 19:06

Dude says:

I agree with joe. Unless I'm very drunk, I dont talk to people I dont know.

8th Jun 2008, 19:07