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When Tolkien came to dinner, this is what he said:

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Puddlepuff says:

Man, you must have been a messy child at the table!

8th Jul 2008, 13:56

Viv says:

you never cease to am.......use!

8th Jul 2008, 14:49

daz says:

brilliant :)

8th Jul 2008, 16:12

were they cold by the time you ate them or was it all in the name of art? i like it either way :)

8th Jul 2008, 16:47

nigξ says:

hehe thanks, and wow, thanks for the h/l.

i never ate them mscm. i was using them for another project and just did this for moblog. i seem to remember you doing one of these ages ago, didn't you?

puff, i still am!

8th Jul 2008, 16:58

Dhamaka says:

the time you must have taken..

8th Jul 2008, 19:28

Caine says:

Hahahahahaha! Oh, wonderful. You brought me a great smile and a good laugh. :D

8th Jul 2008, 20:06

nigξ says:

it was the time i took on the project beforehand that was lonnnnng. this was pretty quick :)

thanks caine :D

8th Jul 2008, 20:37

jc1000000 says:

Strangely moving!

8th Jul 2008, 23:33

nige says:

who'd a thunk it with alphabetti?

8th Jul 2008, 23:37

hahaha. Love it. The joys of alphabeti spaghetti...

9th Jul 2008, 09:07

taniwha says:

a man of letters as well as images ... I'm impressed.

9th Jul 2008, 11:45

FilbertFox says:

so what was the project you needed em for? Is it top secret?

9th Jul 2008, 14:17

nige says:

i'll show you the results when they're complete, foxy. no secrets!

9th Jul 2008, 14:36

hype says:

nige, the day i see you eat council estate food like that i'll drink a cup Twinnings to restore the balance.

9th Jul 2008, 18:16

Kostika says:

You're an odd man.

But in a good way.

9th Jul 2008, 22:21

nige says:

i'll take the compliment, kos!

hype, i just buy this stuff for the mice whilst i dine on beluga caviar heavily laced with saffron. my cutlery is diamond encrusted too.

9th Jul 2008, 22:38

Kostika says:

Did you know that saffron is more expensive than gold per gram?

(or at least used to be, but I'm pretty sure it still is)

9th Jul 2008, 22:48

nige says:

i did. learned that from my mum, i did. she uses it in her curries :)

9th Jul 2008, 22:50

Kostika says:

I buy Spanish Saffron and make paellas.

(I import it from Spain along with my dried chorizo. It's my one food extravagance)

9th Jul 2008, 23:01

MaggieD says:

Made me smile (and I needed a smile) .... I, too, am looking forward to the unveiling of the original project :) ....

10th Jul 2008, 18:39

rumanchu says:

You just made me really hungry

11th Jul 2008, 13:54

Uber Spy says:

Nige you have a wonderful mind :) LOVE IT! Make favourite...TICK!

13th Jul 2008, 00:54

That's c00l!

17th Jul 2008, 15:12

Euphro says:

*fails to come up with Tolkien pasta pun* This is great!

17th Jul 2008, 15:19

shitake says:

:)Original,excellent,interesting..Simply I like it:))

21st Jul 2008, 01:23

MikeyDee says:

Nige that is SWEET. What tomato related foodstuffs will you artify next?

31st Jul 2008, 11:08

nige says:

yes man! glad to see you get on here from China and they haven't got moblog on lock-down!

31st Jul 2008, 11:39