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Yo. Bronxelf here. So, I came to the conclusion that I sort of liked the idea of a 365 project, but really wasn't up to taking photos of me every day.

What sounded in some ways more challenging, but in some ways more comfortable was to twist it slightly and do 365 days of my avatar on Second Life.

AK, as I think everyone knows are my initials. They're also the initials of my avatar. And my avatar is well... pretty much like me. So there you go.

Um, I don't know the first thing about CSS, so I'll uh.. get to that.

Other, more traditional, currently active or completed 365 projects include...

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VA5: Out of scale.

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I am the only one in this room right now. However, even if this room had 40
people in it, it would seem empty. In an attempt to seem very grand,
builders in SL seem to make everything very oversized, much like the hotels
on the strip in Las Vegas. However there's not thousands of people coming
through these places, so they wind up feeling strange and isolated. It's
what happens when people who have no idea about basic design principles
learn how to use 3d software. :/


Carpe NLI says:

Interested in your ongoing scale frustration thread here.

Do you think that if you designed rooms with a proper scale in relation to meatspace that more avatars would gravitate to them?

27th Jun 2008, 07:39

bronxelf says:

I don't know. I do know that even if the numbers didn't change, the spaces wouldn't feel so cavernous and empty. When you have essentially all the room in the world, it doesn't mean you have to scale everything as though it were a McMansion. Especially with places that are meant to contain some kind of intimacy, if the spaces themselves show no level of intimacy of scale, you're fighting a losing battle.

27th Jun 2008, 07:41

bronxelf says:

The combination is really what does it. If spaces were scaled differently, even 15 people would seem "full".

27th Jun 2008, 07:44

bronxelf says:

I have never played WoW so I don't know, but you can search via traffic- I just don't think it's traffic *at that moment*.

27th Jun 2008, 07:49

nige says:

*still creating avatar...

27th Jun 2008, 09:04

CatsEyes says:

While I've never played it myself, I've seen lots of 'The Sims' screen shots and the building proportions don't seem so out of whack there. IT must be a constraint of the software.

It just occurred to me that maybe SL places are so large because they want to accommodate flying around inside? Its just a theory . . .

27th Jun 2008, 18:31

bronxelf says:

Actually, your point illustrates my problem. It only makes sense to make room to fly around if there's places to fly *to*. Most places are just enormous boxes with little interior visual or spatial interest. There's no reason for them to be that large, save that you can make them that way.

28th Jun 2008, 06:07

Viv says:

somehow missed all this completelt - not a world I enter - but will have a look properly when I have more time :)

27th Aug 2009, 10:39

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