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OK OK OK. I know these are soooo very very late. But what do you think of this bunch of keys Nige?
18th Jun 2008, 21:13   | tags:

nige says:

well firstly, i think you have big pockets...

18th Jun 2008, 21:14

FilbertFox says:

and secondly?

18th Jun 2008, 21:14

EJ says:

They must weigh a ton!

18th Jun 2008, 21:15

nige says:

EJ said it...

18th Jun 2008, 21:16

FilbertFox says:

where is the psychobabble?

18th Jun 2008, 21:18

nige says:

you've got a lot here foxy! it's going to take me some time!

18th Jun 2008, 21:20

FilbertFox says:

but i go on holiday tomorrow, so quick sticks

(just emailed you btw)

18th Jun 2008, 21:22

nige says:

just mailed you back.

tell me this, what data do you carry around on your little usb keyrings? no pr0n i hope...

18th Jun 2008, 21:45

FilbertFox says:

of course porn! Until recently the university had us on two different networks, so if i wanted to use data in a different office/lab i had to transfer it. Silly or what

18th Jun 2008, 21:53

nige says:

thats a bit silly. one thing i will say about these keys: if they were thrown into a pile with all of the others i've seen, i'm pretty sure i would have picked these out as yours. it's the pink leopard-spot keys that are the tell...

18th Jun 2008, 21:56

FilbertFox says:

i have to make a confession. These belong to a colleague of mine. But i thought you'd think that! I would have the pink leopard one if i could.

My keys are boring. just 1 key ring to make them easily identifiable if i leave them in the coffee room again"

18th Jun 2008, 22:00

nige says:

you bloody duped me! FOXXXXY!

18th Jun 2008, 22:04

FilbertFox says:

tee hee

18th Jun 2008, 22:35

JokerXL says:

"is that your keys in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

19th Jun 2008, 04:53

FilbertFox says:

always happy to see you my main man

19th Jun 2008, 07:22