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Are these yours? Like.. Did you make them and wotnot?

I only ask because, well, they're sort of made of awesome and I've just had both my flyer guys fall out (one because his dad is in hospital and he has to look after his shop and the other because he's getting really big commissions..) and I need someone to do some flyers for me. I'll give you hard, cold, cash.

Canonball Man could easily be one...

25th Apr 2008, 00:21

Judo-Jule says:


25th Apr 2008, 00:35

Steve says:

I *heart* the internets

25th Apr 2008, 00:44

Seriously... I need someone to do flyers for two shows in June. I'm totally serious. Are you?

25th Apr 2008, 11:27

Judo-Jule says:

ja. i am. i also did the flyers for my best friends mums childrens event thingy when i was about 13, so i have a lot of experience ...NOT!

but still serious.

25th Apr 2008, 11:46

MaggieD says:

Love your stuff :D

25th Apr 2008, 12:10

Judo-Jule says:

Thanks Maggie!

25th Apr 2008, 12:21

Awesome. What's your email? I'll send along the BCR Presents June info...

25th Apr 2008, 13:05

Alfie says:

Shall we get her to do Restart too? :)

25th Apr 2008, 13:10

Not sure - I like the guy who did the last ones but then again the new concensus (in London at least) is for more individual, less design-school, designs... Up to you mister.

Did you get my email?


25th Apr 2008, 13:11

Alfie says:

I did get your email. Don't worry, it's fine - I sent one too but just to him direct as I dont want to facilitate long ongoing missives but rather re-assure him he's just a bit of a fool.

25th Apr 2008, 13:12

Alfie says:

and re design - it's probably even more like that up in that thar Leeds.

25th Apr 2008, 13:13

I meant the email about the watches people... So let's get her to do the Leeds one as well!

Jule? Get your smocks on and your paints out!

25th Apr 2008, 13:15

Alfie says:

ah - nothing yet from watches, leaving the messages.

25th Apr 2008, 13:37

goode says:

These are cool.. Go Jule...

Hope I'm not the fool Alfie?

25th Apr 2008, 17:05

Alfie says:

@goode - wtf?

25th Apr 2008, 17:07

goode says:

Was reading above comments re Restart design.. Prob me getting wrong end of very big stick, my bad...

And check you being a twitterholic @Alfie :)

25th Apr 2008, 17:22