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Design is easy.....?

Always on the look out for design/film/animation/photo taking inspiration - Oh, and travel ideas, (although anything in Japan will always win hands down for me). Currently based in the North East of Scotland.

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Been a brilliant weekend weather-wise. Got our 'local holiday' weekend up here. Lovely chilled out vibe today on the monday holiday.


billion says:

monday holiday?? that must have passed me by, because no-one told me about it!

21st Apr 2008, 12:32

PrincessJun says:

Electric Sheep - Stoney is great - hadn't been for a while myself - hope you had a good spring holiday too!

Billion- Aberdeen holiday only I'm afraid. :(

Taniwha - the shot is a bit fuzzy but yep, glad you can still get the whole holiday feel from it. It's great when everywhere else is still working as normal, almost feels like you're skiving off!

21st Apr 2008, 19:20

billion says:

aberdeen holiday only?? oh p'shaw!

22nd Apr 2008, 16:11

love that blue sky, can i nick that picture and try and paint it, just adore the colours?'ve got a talent you know...xx

30th Apr 2008, 20:18

you honestly could be anywhere in the world with those colours...xx

30th Apr 2008, 20:19

PrincessJun says:

Thanks - Course you can Missus - rare nice day in the north east! Bit blurry but the general idea is there I s'pose.

30th Apr 2008, 20:53