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I'm a tarot reader and hobby astrologer just about all the time I'm not grooming dogs. I've been reading for about ten years now and have a lovely website created for me by my talented web designing, show producing and ever charming Irish man. We're doing live tarot chats these days which include free one card readings for all viewers and free flowing question and answer sessions. We've also set up a forum as well as a blog on the site. Come by and check us out.

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My favorite mug.

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I dropped it and broke off the handle. I'm distraught and bereft.

I can't find one like it on ebay.
12th Mar 2008, 18:05   | tags:,,,


anonymous says:

Well you wouldn't would you its in your front room DOH

12th Mar 2008, 19:10

lupaloo says:

Oh now I'm going to have to edit that aren't I? :p

12th Mar 2008, 19:11

Carpe NLI says:

Sorry Annon was me ...

and ;)

12th Mar 2008, 19:13

mat says:

Oh noes! You want special ceramic glue. if you've got all the big bits of hand and are careful putting it back together, it'll probably end up stronger than it was before it broke. :)

12th Mar 2008, 19:15

mtn_hermit says:

Hmm, I wonder if Swamprose will see this. She may be able to offer suggestions on how to deal with the repairs.

12th Mar 2008, 19:15

mtn_hermit says:

Mat: The Bionic Mug? Faster-stronger-better?

12th Mar 2008, 19:16

lupaloo says:

Some of the bits were to small to salvage. Will have to keep searching.

*chants to self* Change is good. Change is good.


12th Mar 2008, 19:16

mat says:

epoxy glues are gap filling, so if you've got all of the major bits of handle, little holes or gaps can be filled in with glue (which is very strong when it sets). don't lose hope! :)

12th Mar 2008, 19:19

lupaloo says:

Oh you people made me go dig in the trash for the little pieces. I was wrong. There are three pieces and they fit perfectly.

12th Mar 2008, 19:19

EJ says:

Aw man, don't you hate it when that happens?

12th Mar 2008, 20:45

factotum says:

Be very careful with hot liquids in a mended mug!!! Many adhesives soften up when they're hot and can give way. I know this from experience repairing pottery! May I suggest taking your mug to your local potter and getting him or her to make you another one?
Change is good.

12th Mar 2008, 22:15