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K850i v N95

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Decision time again. I know the N95 has poor battery life (I had one for a fortnight when they first came out), but it does have a large screen and a very good browser etc.

The K850i on the other hand, I know little about, other than I'm not overly keen on the lack of lens cover.

I'd be interested to hear people's views on both.

I'll put a post on the forum about this later too.

Alfie says:

Wait till May if you can, SE are releasing some rather shithot new phones in the C range (was previously the K range).

edit - there was a link here, but no matter.

27th Feb 2008, 18:11

Alfie says:

Oops sorry, this is the handset with geotagging.

27th Feb 2008, 18:15

hildegard says:

Good point, ALfie - have been convinced to skip the K850i by several people's reports that the camera's not as good as the 800. Waiting for the C702...

27th Feb 2008, 18:20

Alfie says:

the C702 could just be absolutely killer with geotagging, for reasons I cannot divulge right now...

27th Feb 2008, 18:21

Alfie says:

Who knows, who can say, not me. Let's leave it at a mysterious No?

27th Feb 2008, 18:53

goode says:

looks cool but back to LED flash? that's like a downgrade! :(

27th Feb 2008, 18:54

540nli says:

hmmmm I wonder? :) I think I've reached breaking point with the N73., so if you have a spare n95 i aould blag til them....

27th Feb 2008, 18:57

goode says:

i have an N95... to be honest i don't really rate it at all... :(

27th Feb 2008, 19:00

OJ says:

A big, fat "ooooooh" for the C702. Have you had sight of it Alfie?

Steve's poor report of the camera on the K850i has put me off (I trust Steve) but I have no idea whether this is the same camera. Do you know?

Well the website says they're giving away a free video blog with each phone...so I can well imagine what the moblog surprise might be.

27th Feb 2008, 20:59

Alfie says:

Oh OJ, if only that was the surprise, no :) They're referring to their ongoing on handset partnership with googles blogger. I think the camera is the same as the K850i actually, so again, can't attest.

I haven't had sight of it, but it's exciting to see geoblogging, which has only really had a look in in Asia and a bit in the states make an entrance into the UK. It's a core cool thing for projects like the Big Art mob.

27th Feb 2008, 21:19

OJ says:

Well based on the reviews I've seen, the camera being the same as the K850i can only be a bad thing. Shame. Unless, as someone conjectured (I forget where, it may have been Steve), it was the flash that was causing the problems.

And I agree about geoblogging. If I had a penny for everytime an "old" media producer asked for a map ;)

On a more personal note, I'm wondering if I'm going to be able to install software to use an SE phone like a Garmin Forerunner anytime soon. A-GPS relies on having a network signal doesn't it? So maybe not...

27th Feb 2008, 21:46

540air says:

Having done a little hunting around, I reckon that the SE XPERIA X1 looks to be an absolutely fantastic new toy to be had. It would appear to be keeping the 3.2Mp camera, instead of the 5Mp one, but teh rest of it looks plenty impressive.

27th Feb 2008, 23:16

540 nli and off to the land of nod says:

goode - I'll swap you for an unlocked K800i if you fancy it dude :)

27th Feb 2008, 23:26

Kostika says:

I like my K850i. The k800's camera was perfection, but the K850i's isnt't hat bad. I don't know about any flash problems, but light level can affect how sensative the camera is to motion blur. The low light was immensely improved with this version of the camera though. With the right lighting the camera performs better than the K800's, but it is that need for ideal lighting that is its one drawback for me.

Feel wise it take a little getting used to not having a joystick and the buttons are a little small even for me. And of course the lack of the old camera cover is a downside also.

Overall I like the camera and phone, but it could have been better.

28th Feb 2008, 08:42

I'm almost at upgrade time and have been looking at the N95 8GB but for some reason they have removed the lens cover like the original N95 has? Weird.
I'd also like to wait for the N96 but the new SE range does look might tempting and is probably out sooner than the N96 anyway.
Question is though, when you've been told you can upgrade your phone now its difficult not to because you want something new to play with!

28th Feb 2008, 09:11

billion says:

when I was due an upgrade last year I looked into which phones on the market were the smartest and coolest and decided on the n95. big mistake. first of all I found it too heavy and cumbersome, and the slidy-back thing which seemed cool at first quickly became an irritation as it would slide back and forth in my pocket. the key responses are slow, the battery life is appalling and the camera doesn't allow you to save settings (or maybe you can but it's certainly not obvious how to). also, during the few days I had it it crashed several times.

so I gave back the n95 and got the you-know-what. and the you-know-what, for me at least, works like a dream. all the irritations mentioned above about the n95 are completely the opposite with the k850i: great design, admirable battery life, responsive keys, saveable settings... altogether it's just a much more reliable and simpler phone than the n95. the camera I have no problem with, it's a bit hit-and-miss sometimes and the shadows come out kinda weird but I expect that from any cameraphone.

I vote k850i, I almost *love* it.

28th Feb 2008, 10:09

JokerXL says:

Well I love the N95 for most of the reasons you hated it for.
"chunky" in the hand, keys very responsive under the thumb, very stable software, great camera (except not being able to save settings) battery life is piss-poor but I'm never far away from a car charger.
Screen's fab and sound quality from it's own little (stereo) speakers is pretty good too. I love it's "standard" jack and usb connectors too.

28th Feb 2008, 11:47

Alfie says:

ACtually, I discovered you *can* save camera settings on the N95, just go to settings, select the second option down "User Defined" then save them. Then select that whenever you want to snap a pic.

28th Feb 2008, 11:48

JokerXL says:

yes, but it'll still flip back to "auto" whenever you close down. Still, it's only one change you have to select, instead of everything each time.

28th Feb 2008, 12:00

billion says:

jxl - I have to admit that the picture quality on the n95 is pretty shit hot (for a cameraphone...) and I was sad to sacrifice that lovely big screen for the k850i's smaller screen.

but I found taking pictures on the n95, like the phone itself, clumsy and clunky. you have to open the lens slider, wait some time before it goes into picture mode, figure out what settings you want, and take the picture. then close the lens slider and hope that it doesn't accidentally open in your pocket and start firing off pictures and gets scratched by your keys. on the k850i there's a little button on top that takes you straight to picture mode and saves all your settings.

I must have got a bad copy of the n95 because the software on mine wasn't stable at all. and you're right about "chunky", it definately is not a phone for girls. it's for men. big men. who drive trucks...

; )

28th Feb 2008, 12:04

540air says:

The N95 8Gb apparently has no memory card slot, so given the choice of the two, I'd stick with the standard one.

As for the rest of it, I did the review of the N95 last year and I thought it was ok then, but that was when I was a lot more anti-Nokia than I am now, so I'm sliding towards it I think.

What I may do is wait for the SE Xperia, but I'm not sure as yet.

Maybe the N95 could be likened to a Yorkie, for manly men doing manly things ;)

28th Feb 2008, 12:55

James says:

The SE G900 which is arriving later this year looks like a nice option too, it's certainly appealing to me...


28th Feb 2008, 13:07

Kostika says:

The Xperia looks lovely. But I wonder about the camera on it.

28th Feb 2008, 13:14

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