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Ear 'e is again.

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I know many of you enjoy looking at BB's body parts. So 'ere is another bit for your amusement. He is now digitally enhanced
27th Feb 2008, 12:14  



27th Feb 2008, 12:23

billion says:

is it an open mould? looks more like a noise generator than a hearing aid.

27th Feb 2008, 12:45

paintist says:

one day we must make a collage of all the body parts to see what he looks like.....

27th Feb 2008, 13:18

540air says:

Does it have bluetooth? ;)

27th Feb 2008, 14:03

what's wrong with the ear trumpet?

27th Feb 2008, 14:15

FilbertFox says:

say that a tad louder P'hobo, he might hear you then?

540air - blue tooth would be cool

27th Feb 2008, 14:20

Twiglet says:

What an extraordinarily attractive ear. How lucky you are! : )

27th Feb 2008, 14:48

Spiderbaby says:

Very nice. I'll have to show my sister as I'm sure she would approve.

Bionic BB!

27th Feb 2008, 19:03

Cool earring too
*wonders if BB's ear noticed

27th Feb 2008, 19:04

Helen says:

Is it working out ok?

27th Feb 2008, 20:25

crickson says:

You're surely running out of new bits of BB to post...!

27th Feb 2008, 20:44

FilbertFox says:

Helen - yes he is quite pleased with it

Crickson - there are many many old surgery scares, trouble is, i think it would disturb you all too much.

27th Feb 2008, 21:53

Helen says:

Good, I'm glad : )

27th Feb 2008, 22:35

JokerXL says:

"Better than he was before"
6,000,000? Cheap at twice the price.

28th Feb 2008, 09:59

MaggieD says:

'ear we go again ..... another BB body part, earily familiar, we must have been 'ear before ......

28th Feb 2008, 19:42

Viv says:

oh dear maggie!

glad he's happy with it

28th Feb 2008, 23:29

All bluetooth headsets should be so discreet. It'd be tough to make the nuclear powerpack so tiny, though...


29th Feb 2008, 16:17