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Me! Every day for a year!

nige, Joker, Mandy Et al you got a lot to answer for!

I am really not looking forward to this project as I *hate* seeing pictures of me and even more so, the strained, taken at arms length, grimacing ones of camera phone self portraiture.

That said I'll give it a go..

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Thought I would raise the bar a little this evening..


Twiglet says:

: D

24th Feb 2008, 21:33

worth the work, excellent

24th Feb 2008, 21:43

Mikey365 says:

Thanks Para, I would have liked to have taken a little more time setting this up, but it works..

24th Feb 2008, 21:56

nige says:

dude, i love magritte. this is grand. an art theme! you inspire me!

24th Feb 2008, 22:03

Mikey365 says:

Praise from the master..

Thanks nige

24th Feb 2008, 22:05

nige says:

i am merely a dilettante.

24th Feb 2008, 22:36

taniwha says:

Oh wow. Very cool.

24th Feb 2008, 22:47

Mikey365 says:

Thanks T..

24th Feb 2008, 22:55

Mandy says:

that's so great. so so so so so great. i'm going to try 'christina's world'.

24th Feb 2008, 23:55

paintist says:

brilliant !!

25th Feb 2008, 07:55

mara says:

Great! Wonderful idea

25th Feb 2008, 08:27

you did

25th Feb 2008, 10:02

seaneeboy says:

Top praise for the effort going into that one!

25th Feb 2008, 10:39

hildegard says:

This made me giggle.

25th Feb 2008, 12:44

Mikey365 says:

My fat unshaven face behind an apple makes you giggle?

You have a warped sense of humour H.

Thanks Mr Eeboy

25th Feb 2008, 13:03

factotum says:

An art theme for the Daily Mes! What a great idea!

25th Feb 2008, 13:31

OJ says: now trying to figure out how you did it, if not with PhotoShop.

25th Feb 2008, 14:11

Mikey365 says:

OJ, no photoshop involved, in fact no editing apart from cropping.

Go over tot he other blog to see how it was done :)

25th Feb 2008, 15:19

OJ says:

I didn't realise this was you SFG....

25th Feb 2008, 19:01

nige says:

MIkey365 aka SFG aka Sir Findo Gask has kept his dailyme identity a secret for 226 days? thats good going, man ; )

25th Feb 2008, 19:14

OJ says:

Nige is being sarky (again). I'll rephrase: SFG, I didn't realise you had a dailyme....clearly I can read the "Sir Findo Gask" tags now that I've found it.

25th Feb 2008, 21:13

MaggieD says:

Wow, this is just amazing :) ..... just love how that apple is so in focus .... gives it such a 3 dimensional feel ..... brilliant .... just brilliant ..... and Mr Magritte would be raising his bowler to you :)

26th Feb 2008, 23:16

javaboy says:

This is great. But it's not an apple! Or should I say ceci n'est pas un pomme!

27th Feb 2008, 15:51

Mikey365 says:

javaboy, je peux le garantir qu'était une pomme et SWMBO l'a eu pour son déjeuner lundi.

27th Feb 2008, 16:31

hildegard says:

Eh ben - it's not really you & ceci n'est pas un homme, alors?

27th Feb 2008, 16:52

javaboy says:

Ohhh la la, your french is good. I'm impressesed. And you are right it WAS an apple. Now it's only a representation of an apple!! :)
And hildegard - love the homme comment!

28th Feb 2008, 09:26

Viv says:


28th Feb 2008, 17:23

hype says:


29th Feb 2008, 10:34

Rustierayze says:


29th Feb 2008, 11:13

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