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I make things on the web, mobile and in the actual world.

I've done lots of bits and bobs over the years, and right now I'm mostly working on this.

I enjoy speaking about things I like, most recently this. You can email me if you'd like, and I'm on twitter.

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whats missing here?

swamprose says:


26th Jan 2008, 01:42

swamprose says:

think these are leftover from alfie's trip to south africa.

he's a marlboro man. henh.

26th Jan 2008, 01:48

swamprose says:

I was thinking tax stamp but I think you tear those off when you open them. I think we have to wait until alfie wakes up for the answer. those damn europeans are always asleep.

26th Jan 2008, 03:07

swamprose says:

maybe he's just rearranging his new toy/trophy cabinet and he's not really sleeping..any minute now.......

26th Jan 2008, 04:05

Alfie says:

WOw, I'm dead surprised, but then again, I don't know how these would look in the states at the moment... Mandy was kinda close with the tax stamp. These are export cigs from South AFrica indeed, and unlike the cigarettes they sell there (and just about everywhere else in the world), these have 0, no, none, nada, health warnings. There's only a "cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide" label.

26th Jan 2008, 10:14

beth says:


26th Jan 2008, 11:50

swamprose says:

when I think of it, it was the same in roatan, and they were $2/pack instead of $10 back home.

26th Jan 2008, 13:27

Alfie says:

That's exactly the price difference in SA too :)
Mega Cheap fags - for me being in the UK though, you're 5x cheaper would in fact be 10x cheaper with the Sterling :D

/off to Roatan/

26th Jan 2008, 14:42

Alfie says:

I think Canadah yah.

26th Jan 2008, 17:43

swamprose says:

tarry lungs? I think they are old. they change. currently we have the incredibly disgusting yellowed teeth, the diseased heart, and newest-- the guy on a respirator.

I thought they were everywhere.

26th Jan 2008, 20:11