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Once upon a time, a girl named Silar had a DailyMe project. She failed at that project, and it languished in unupdated hell for a long time. Then she got involved in Second life and used that moblog to post snapshots from there. THE END. My main moblog

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Soon to be gone! 16Jan2008

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Photo from dentist yesterday. I did just what I said I would - gave
my limits, told them what I wanted. They did many x-rays and we came
to the group decision that I am going to get a full top plate denture
- they are going to pull all the tops, 2 of the bottoms, and I had to
make a solemn vow to take better care of my bottom teeth.

Now to figure out the finances - given how many teeth I'm losing (15)
and my medical status with the asthma and all, medical insurance may
pay for the entire extraction since the oral surgeon may want to do
it up to the hospital with me under general anaesthesia. I know I'd
certainly prefer that. I meet with him on the 31st of this month.

By the way, while I will probably post other teeth shots here and
there, I promise no squicky gum shots. :)

nige says:


17th Jan 2008, 18:06


Not your best side it has to be said!

17th Jan 2008, 18:17

Jen365 NLI says:

*nods* at SFG. Nope. Felt like a true moblogger bringing my camera to the dentist and asking him to take a photo, though :)

nige, sorry. My next photo of my top teeth, they'll be dry, made of acrylic, and in my hand. :)

17th Jan 2008, 18:38

OCD Sprocket says:

Holy Crap, 15 teeth out in one go!!! Best of luck.

17th Jan 2008, 21:31

Jen365 says:

It's one way they do it now for cases like mine...rather than go through partial denture after partial denture, if they take 'em all out in one go, itl' just be the one adjustment period. Also, they will only do it on top because a top full denture is a lot easier to adjust to than a bottom one.

I'll actually have the denture the day I get the teeth pulled, and while my gums are healing I'll wear it 23 hours a day - it will act as a sort of brace for the gums so they heal in place, and I'll use a medicated gel which acts as a adhesive, also it has a light dose of lidocaine and an antibiotic, and prevent dry sockets.

18th Jan 2008, 03:20

Jen365 says:

:) It shouldn't be too awful, really. Just now, my tops are in bad enough shape as far as the ancient fillings starting to degenerate, thin enamel, etc that they hurt anyway - especially if I drink anything cold (hot, not too much). I look at it this way - by next summer, everything will be healed and adjusted, and I'll be able to drink ice cold lemonade and eat popsicles again. :)

18th Jan 2008, 14:05

silar31 says:

Thanks George!

30th Jun 2008, 18:58