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The first take of the video to Stuttering - by Ben's Brother. Featuring YOU!

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stuttering video

stuttering video
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This is Our video..
hope yall enjoy it : )

you guys r the bommmmb

Rakitha (guy on top of the cupboard)
4th Dec 2007, 04:31  

wayn(myspace-dot-com/thechillspot) says:

lol... this was fucking hilarious... im still laughing.

i made an entry for this too, just a friend and i drnkn & jammn...

but yea...

loved it.

4th Dec 2007, 06:19

Alfie says:

What a fun video, you guys had a blast :)

4th Dec 2007, 14:19

lynn says:

OMG... that was the besttt.. made my day : )

5th Dec 2007, 07:12

mara says:

ah ah ah SUPER

6th Dec 2007, 17:00

david (the one in the middle) says:

hahhaa. hey rakitha, i think we're a hit.
we need to make MORE of these!!!

18th Dec 2007, 05:20

Dlct0(drhizteria-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

LMFAO!!! great! funny

18th Dec 2007, 05:34

dava (the on in the middle's sistah) says:

You guys always crack me up. You did a really good job.....Love ya lil bro! Good Luck.
You guys deserve to take it all the way HOME!

18th Dec 2007, 12:44

dueres(jandueres-at-cox-dot-net) says:

For a minute, I thought it was the group's of your BEST videos! Good luck!

18th Dec 2007, 14:17

David(jetttmack-at-cox-dot-net) says:

I never heard of Ben's Brother so when I saw this video, I actually thought it was you singing and said, "wow, you are good! " Then I saw your friends...this video is the BEST work I've seen from your many. Good luck! FANTASTIC video!

18th Dec 2007, 14:22

marcus d says:

that was the greatest shit far!!!

18th Dec 2007, 16:49

Ash (coworker of the 4) says:

...a classic...

18th Dec 2007, 17:22

Boss N***ER says:

Hey Guys, Gr8 Vid, I should have been in it wit

18th Dec 2007, 20:02

jan says:

EXCELLENT! You guys ra, ra, ra, ra, rock!

20th Dec 2007, 04:48