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Mango Madness

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The Broome Mangoe Festival kicks off this weekend. I have only been eating mangoes for the past week, and I think I have already had enough to last me until next season:)
23rd Nov 2007, 06:39   | tags:

Dhamaka says:

I don't think I've ever seen mangoes actually growing before.

Is the festival at the same time every year? What happens with them - do people cook all kinds of stuff or show off the best grown ones or throw them at each other (which seems a waste)? Do they go Thai and eat them with sticky rice?

23rd Nov 2007, 07:05

Geodyne says:


I can remember plucking them off the tree with a noose on a stick. When I moved further south I'd buy them by the case at this time of year, at the rate of a case per week - my ex just loved them! Any that went overripe before they were eaten went into the freezer, destined to become frozen mango margaritas throughout the year.

ETA: I've only just noticed your new top bar. It's fabulous!

23rd Nov 2007, 08:45

Jig along says:

I dont think that there is a comp for best produced mango, but there is the Great Bartenders of Broome comp, Great Chefs of Broome cook off, Public cooking competition breakfast, mango tasting and I think that there may have been a mango ball thrown in as well.

Yes Geo, I freeze quite a few cheeks for Mango smoothies:)

24th Nov 2007, 05:55

Dhamaka says:

thanks - that sounds great, especially the cook off and cooking breakfast

does the mango ball have a dress code :) ?

24th Nov 2007, 08:04

jesson says:

There's nothing like mango season. Sitting in the bath with jiuce running off your elbows trying not to look like a pig. You know its really summer now. YEAH!

25th Nov 2007, 03:32

Jig along says:

JE, you really out to be shown how to eat the mangoes in a lady like manner:)

Everything in Broome has a dress code. Even the pubs have a shorts and thongs code, which I think is over doing things just a bit.

All the balls in Aust are a black tie and suit affairs, even the B + S balls, but since I dont have either a tie or a suit....:)

25th Nov 2007, 05:27

Jesson says:

Bugger the lady-like stuff. a really juicy mango deserves to be fully enjoyed! ;-)

26th Nov 2007, 01:54

Jesson says:

*imagines dress code in pub*.... no holes in singlet, thongs actually on feet, shorts must actually cover all blokey parts. :-) and just coz the B&S; Ball is black tie doesn't mean you necessarity get lady and gentleman-like behaviour!

26th Nov 2007, 01:58

Jig along says:

B+S balls are pretty good until 10pm. At about 12, its time to don the garbage bag/raincoat for the technicolour that follows:)

30th Nov 2007, 04:08

Viv says:

um never had fresh mango

7th Dec 2007, 02:41

spongevid says:

mmmmm mangos! i love going to india when its mango season. it probably makes up 90% of what I eat when i'm out there!

7th Dec 2007, 02:48