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Yes, yes people I have emerged from my self realised obscurity to bestow knowledge on all headz. Used ta be out and about now strictly lying low dispensing wisdom.
Too much going down to stay quiet, now all of us have to rise up and speak truth to power.

There has to be more to us than dhal roti and Nokia phones...



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I posted this on C4 Forum tonight:

"Just watched second part and my feelings
are mixed. I'm a writer myself and my mate was
in Britz so I know some stuff from the inside.
I would just like to say that its difficult to
produce art at a time when Muslims are being
demonised. Britz towed a fine line between being
a gripping story and a sensationalist expose drama
doc. Some of it was well written and shot, some
issues explored, others not. There is a burden of
expectation placed on these programmes and in the
times we're in we need to explore issues and be
upfront about them, but it's the wider context
that bugs me. Up and down the land Muslim boys
and girls are going to be going to school tommorow,
catching buses, going to Mosque late afternoon and
just carrying on their normal lives. All of a sudden
they may become targets even more. I have a close
friend who is covered and catches the same DLR train
that Nasima does everyday to go to Uni. Will her
life change? As a fellow writer we share an
enormous responsibility with what we create and
some parts of Britz left me uneasy and fill me
with fear for tommorow morning. I and some of my
friends have been interviewed by the Met and I
live with the knowledge that I am one of those
people under surveillance. The stories have to
be told I know that but it's the consequences
that I am fearful of."

Pic is screen grab from C4 Britz online trailer
1st Nov 2007, 23:53   | tags:,,

beth says:

I too had mixed feelings. I was glad I watched it though despite finding parts of it unconvincing and elements of it kind of glamourising things.

I've read your words and have taken them all in...a lot of things need to change.

At least maybe the program will make people question a little the next time they hear on the radio about someone arrested under suspiscion of terrorism.

4th Nov 2007, 00:23

DocD says:

Appreciate da feedback Beth

4th Nov 2007, 01:10

beth says:

you're welcome. I get a bit tongue tied when it comes to presenting my ideas on such serious matters but I think this shouldn't be a dead thread.

I'm really saddened to hear you're under surveillance too.

4th Nov 2007, 01:18

Edurne says:

I don't know exactly what is "Britz" ( kinda film or tv program,i suppose ). Anyway,i find absolutely necessary that pleople "in the street "talk about how we feel about things that happen around us,because that helps other people to know another part of their reality.For instance:i've talked (argued,i must say) here in the basque country,whit several people that think that foreigners come here just to steel ,to threaten us and to take our jobs.Moreover: there has been publish two cases of ratial hard arrasement lately in the news,with i don't know what hidden intention (see any spanish newspaper internet edition of last week).Here in the basque country foreigners are too litle in number,end thiey don't have still a voice strong enough to be heard massively as in World's part as USA or London.Therefore,and attending the fact that the things related below are happening,,i'm afraid
that as the inmigration becomes bigger,the desirable godd relatinships between communities and a integrated multicultural society( for God's sake, is it that diffcult?) will be an Utopia here too.That's why i think everything we,people from street of different communities can talk about is so necesary.
Sorry about the long speech.

4th Nov 2007, 14:45

DocD says:

Welcome Edurne and I understand what you are saying about people feeling threatened and how this leads to harrassment. Check Britz link here:

4th Nov 2007, 18:38

Edurne says:

...but don't you think the more people from minority comunnities talk in public about how all this climate makes them feel, the more ppproach will exist between comunities ? i'm a white female of a litle comunity (basque ); talking about our feelings in public didn`t help too much till now ( i think because of the kind of talking 9 but i think that if there's any solution for our conflict it will pass trough people of the street talking to each other (we would shout to each other first,i'm afraid) to start healing wounds;i don't know how or a "white rather unaware of race discrimination issues", i wonder if it will be similar
when race matters appears (any posible pointing out about racist prejudices will be welcome).

7th Nov 2007, 19:25

DocD says:

I think I get what you are saying (and sorry if i get this wrong). There does need to be dialogue between white people about race. For challenges to be made when we're not there. There needs to be a dialogue between black and white as well but the key debate is the public one. If discussion about race is always negative - if it is always linked to immigration and now terrorism then we will get nowhere. How did the Arab prescence benefit Spain? What have modern day Asian & African-caribbean communities in the UK done for the country? Unless the discussion breaks away from negative constructions of the 'problem' then we don't have an effective dialogue.

7th Nov 2007, 23:35

Edurne says:

What do you mean about "There does need to bo dialogue between white people about race.For challenges to be made when we're not there" ? I don't get the point ,and i'm afraid it's because my race prejudices dont't let me so.
About the last part of the answer , i think the main point is not what other races had done good to whites ( UK and Spain in your answer) ,because that's sort of submission . I think the real message would be"Were worth not because we've done something good for you,but because wer're worth on our own". otherwise the value of a comunity would depend of sort of external facts or assesments.for instance: i'm basque,and i'm glad to be so.About us basques,many people think we are separatist and terrorist.Instead of telling them "look what we basque have done for you (or in addition to it) i would try to
trasmit sort of the happines of been basque.Kinda "iLook what nice is been basque".And not only in a topical folklorist way.It's difficult to explain. been basque is much more than folklore,it's a feeling,i thing
and that's a nice thing each comunity can share.Here in Errenteria,some people do sometime a sharing of different communities culltures.For instance,tha last time i took part in a North-African drums lesson.The main thing werens the drums;the main thing was that man was sharing with a group of basques something of his culture he loved,and that we all could share.

8th Nov 2007, 18:43

anonymous says:

I watched Britz, I felt that as a simple TV show, it was good but in context of what was being shown, it has made me a bit 50/50. I don't support or condone any of the terrorist attacks/attempts, but I also feel that it is far more political than a girl being forced into marriage in Pakistan. I think this showed a very selfish confused girl as opposed to the reality of who really commits these sorts of crimes. i'm sure some suicide bombers have been committed by persons in such a situation but I dont think, especially in the current state of UK society, it should have been shown as the reason behind the bombing. i also have muslim friends some of whom have had their headscarfs pulled off in the street after narrow-minded people watch shows expecting it to provide all the answers. This only creates more target groups, its funny as this was highly publicised but last night programs in which muslims talk about their disagreement with terrorists is rarely seen! My muslim friend was on the train holding an 'anti-war' leaflet, and someone actually said to her 'if you really care for iraq why dont you go back there, we're only doing this before they did it to us'!!!
anyway, this is turning into an essay
p.s. I also think that 9/11 was a staged attack by the Americans.

28th Nov 2007, 23:50

anonymous says:

i rarely like shows depicting asians, not because i think it's racism, but because they tend to pick up on sterotypes which are the reason for a hostility between whites/blacks and asians and then glamourise it on telly, e.g. east is east, showin it like all asians would hate for their son to marry a white girl or beat their wives.

28th Nov 2007, 23:52

DocD says:

Thanxs for da comments anon

29th Nov 2007, 00:01

anonymous says:

Your welcome! :o)

1st Dec 2007, 22:44