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by Steve

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All work copyright protected unless otherwise stated. You may not use these pictures in any way without permission from the owner. But if you ask me nicely I am sure it will be fine :)

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Jesus Christ!

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The best bit of Graffiti that I have seen in ages.

Dhamaka says:


19th Oct 2007, 18:38

MaggieD says:

Brilliant ....

19th Oct 2007, 19:01

MaggieD says:

Just had a good look through your Brighton series .... ace :)

19th Oct 2007, 19:15

Twiglet says:

Dear Lord! What a magnificent piece of art....

19th Oct 2007, 19:40

great one. post it on your big art mob, you lazy person!!!

19th Oct 2007, 21:14

Jane Doe says:

bottom pic is awesome.
Glad you're getting out to play with your new lens. More please : )

19th Oct 2007, 21:29

Steve says:

Thank you very much, I love this lens!

Jule, I find it hard enough keeping this page going without doing Big art too... I will try.

19th Oct 2007, 21:45

Steve says:

Now that surprises me,. I thought that the bottom one was a better shot.

19th Oct 2007, 21:50

OJ says:

It is good. Wonder who did the graffiti. I often wonder that.

19th Oct 2007, 22:06

Steve says:

I like the dribble around his mouth...

19th Oct 2007, 22:07

Helen says:

The crown of thorns concept is clearer in the first picture.

19th Oct 2007, 22:08

Steve says:

I guess it is, I took lots of pictures of it before settling on these two. I write the missing details into the bottom shot. The brain really is amazing.

19th Oct 2007, 22:11

Helen says:

I understand, if you could move the barbed wire in a bit, that would be perfect.

19th Oct 2007, 22:18

Steve says:

I might just do that!

19th Oct 2007, 22:26

swamprose says:

it is all good--top bottom, sideways. like OJ, I try to think who did it and it far off the ground?

19th Oct 2007, 22:33

Steve says:

no it's about 2.5 meters ( 7, 1/2 feet)

19th Oct 2007, 22:35

Alfie says:

You can send to BAM and moblog in the same email/MMS in fact Steve, that's what I tend to do whenever I have a public art photo I'd like on my normal moblog too.

19th Oct 2007, 22:39

swamprose says:

It's just such a thoughtful graff. If he was me, a ladder would have been involved.

i really like this a lot.

19th Oct 2007, 22:43

Steve says:

Can't we just have a button on the page that sends it to big art? Maybe Joes firefox plugin could do it?

I'm just lazy... sorry

19th Oct 2007, 22:44

OJ says:

Well they are a set of pictures Steve, so you don't need to mentally edit in the other view. That's the beauty of it.

19th Oct 2007, 23:07

Viv says:

that is brilliant

20th Oct 2007, 00:57

taniwha says:

this is a neat piece ... JC, big daddy and the spook would be proud.

20th Oct 2007, 06:20

Steve says:

Thank you carpe

20th Oct 2007, 08:42

SaharaSB says:

that is absolutely stunning !

20th Oct 2007, 10:39

jc1000000 says:

Yet again another awesome pic.

20th Oct 2007, 19:40

Steve says:

Thank you all

20th Oct 2007, 21:32

kabe243 says:

awesome, wonder what the pope would say to that...?

21st Oct 2007, 13:26

kabe243 says:

people, i'd like to see more of this. look around you. see what's there. modify it. create meaning by changing the context. inspiring piece.

21st Oct 2007, 13:29

WhoseShoes says:

I like the bottom shot too, but the barbed wire inthe top shot makes the image more striking and emotive.

22nd Oct 2007, 00:18

WhoseShoes says:

sorry, also what looks like a noose further round kind of coujours up the whole judas theme too.

22nd Oct 2007, 00:19

itchymoblog says:

Oh, fantastic!

That's terrific.

23rd Oct 2007, 10:27

beth says:

gosh and wow

31st Oct 2007, 11:40

anonymous says:

The artist is orticanoodles and the jesus portrait is one of his main symbols. This piece really does sum up the beauty of street art, interacting with it's environment.

2nd Nov 2007, 13:55

Steve says:

Thanks for the info, I will update the tags

2nd Nov 2007, 14:20

LukeDaduke says:

The stencil is designed by

2nd Nov 2007, 16:33

Alfie says:

Oooh, Steve, you were Woostered

3rd Nov 2007, 11:06

Steve says:

So I was, that's a little sneaky! at least they linked back.

3rd Nov 2007, 11:12

Steve says:

Ok it annoyed me a little,

*email sent*
The picture titled "Fri >> Nov 2, 2007 Jesus On The Streets" which was taken from Moblog belongs to me. I appreciate that you linked back to my page but I don't appreciate the fact that you took it without asking. I clearly have copyright info on the page that asks you to seek permission before using any of my work.

That said I am happy for you to use it, but please ask in future.


*end message*

3rd Nov 2007, 11:19

HowAboutNo says:

Wooster are shit like that...they wont reply and they will just take what they feel like. They stole loads of my pics from Flickr.

What pisses me off is :

1. No mention of the artist

2. They say its "found on the streets"


3rd Nov 2007, 13:20

Steve says:

Yeah they have not got back to me

4th Nov 2007, 12:55

Anthony(clockworktheory-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

Once again, great work Steve! It's interesting how the setting was used to portray the image of Christ. Creative concept and thinking.

5th Nov 2007, 04:09

What Jesus would say if he saw this: "Man, I really hated that hat."


5th Nov 2007, 04:32

rab(style_rab-at-yahoo-dot-it) says:

eh eh great work.....

big up for orticalnoodles!!!

5th Nov 2007, 14:38

docH says:

Orticanoooooooooooooooooooooodles powa!!!

6th Nov 2007, 20:16

tyronebcookin(tyronebcookin-at-gmail-dot-com) says:

Yo, love it, can you send me a full res to use as a walpaper? Kind of thinking of trickin out my myspace with it too...with full credit of course...watcha think?

10th Nov 2007, 22:17

tyronebcookin(tyronebcookin-at-gmail-dot-com) says:

Oh yeah, someone else showing your pics too:

No respect...

How about a collage?

10th Nov 2007, 22:25

Steve says:

Thanks Tyrone, I'm not releasing the full res version at the moment, but if I do I will send you a copy.

11th Nov 2007, 00:24

tyronebcookin says:

Ok, thanks...I posted it on my blog but I used clipmarks so it shows it coming from your site...


11th Nov 2007, 02:34

bearworrier says:

these are good photo's but quit griping about copyright,you took a picture of an image made by someone else...B.T.W...i think noodle man made the stencil from the art work from jesus christ super star

16th Nov 2007, 18:42

Steve says:

I take pictures of people that were made by their parents, it's still my photo. If you want a picture go take your own!

Or ask permission...

16th Nov 2007, 22:13

louie says:

its not graffiti- its street art

17th Nov 2007, 03:17

becka says:

this is absolutely beautiful. found it on the wooster collective. I love it!

19th Nov 2007, 01:48

Señorita Puri says:

Hi, great! I've posted it on my wierd stuff-great designs blog with a link to here.

26th Nov 2007, 19:44

dawn says:

i took a similar pic when i was there great stencil

5th Mar 2008, 15:47

anonymous says:

fuck u, gesuss is not some kind of garbage

7th Mar 2008, 13:12

Steve says:

I will let google answer this one

googles reply

7th Mar 2008, 13:16

ClaudeQ(alexandre-dot-neuville-at-gmail-dot-com) says:


4th Jul 2008, 18:24

danjac says:

test comment

26th Jul 2008, 11:22

Steve says:

Test works

26th Jul 2008, 12:18

chris says:

are you the one that does the
rats too. your artwork is fantas.
and this one of Jesus whom I
love and honour is quite
unique, not sure but not
against either.

28th Aug 2008, 16:17

Steve says:

I only take pictures, this is not my stencil

28th Aug 2008, 16:19

chris says:

P>S I have a better pic. than
yours you could borrow it if you
like its the 'wanted jesus christ'
done by the Jesus family many
years ago.

28th Aug 2008, 16:25

chris says:

P>S I have a better pic. than
yours you could borrow it if you
like its the 'wanted jesus christ'
done by the Jesus family many
years ago.

28th Aug 2008, 16:25

Steve says:

Thanks but I will pass this time.

28th Aug 2008, 16:34

Juanma(aikijuanma-at-gmail-dot-com) says:

Hello Steve,

I think your pics are great! I would like to use your photo of Jesus by orticanoodles in my website. It is possible? I just want to illustrate a little review about the artist and your photo is probably one of the best of "jesus crown", the best known work by orticanoodles. Of course, I am linking to you as the photographer!

I didn't find your email adress in the website, that's because I am commenting this post. Please, let me know if you agree. :)

Thank you!

31st Aug 2008, 12:29

andrew egan says:

am from easterhouse 145 G33 4LN


11th Sep 2008, 21:32

rejoice says:

have yourself something better to play with.

17th Oct 2008, 12:01

Maggi jean says:

awesome! may i use this photo? if not its no big but thought id ask!

20th Nov 2008, 07:43

Steve says:

Yes, yes you can

20th Nov 2008, 07:45

nethou(net_08-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

eeei man do you have that on stencil could you send it to me or at least a nicer pic i'd like it as a tattoo on my arm send it to me please my email is

26th Nov 2008, 21:30

nethou(net_08-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

eeei man do you have that on stencil could you send it to me or at least a nicer pic i'd like it as a tattoo on my arm send it to me please my email is net_08@hot,,,.com

26th Nov 2008, 21:31

Steve NLI says:

Sorry no I don't have a stencil of it, I just saw it when I was in Brighton

26th Nov 2008, 21:32

SLG says:


2nd Dec 2008, 22:44

Steve says:

Blah, Blah, random word.

3rd Dec 2008, 10:49

ryan(desertryan-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

Mate, they're great pictures. Wondering if I could please download the first one and use it on a poster advertising a talk at a regional uni in Australia. The talk is about what relevance Jesus might have for people today, and so I'm looking for contemporary images of Jesus, and these are great. The poster will just be a black and white thing posted round the uni. After the talk they'll all be ripped down and trashed, and I won't use the image again without permission.I look forward to your reply.


15th Jan 2009, 00:38

ryan says:

actually, if I got your permission I'd use the second one, I think. Thanks

15th Jan 2009, 01:00

yokser says:

wow,, great idea...

28th Jul 2011, 14:54