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Road Rage?

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So there I am, minding my own business, when this Rover400 pulls to a halt in front of me and the driver gets out.
Runs over to my door and tries to wrench it open (didn't even knock, how rude is that?).
I always, always drive with the doors locked, just for this kind of thing.
He then punches the door, looks around for something else to have a go at, hits the back of the mirror, goes back to his car and drives off.
No damage, except to his fist maybe.
I honestly have not got the foggiest idea what his problem was. No "incidents" on the road leading up to here (Copdock, A12/A14). Perhaps he just didn't quite like the shade of blue we have. He looked the type of moron that would fly off the handle at the wrong shade of blue.
17th Oct 2007, 16:34  


TabulaRasa says:

how strange

17th Oct 2007, 16:47

540air says:

The word "twat" springs to mind. Go squish him a little dude.

17th Oct 2007, 16:51

rhys says:


17th Oct 2007, 17:21

farmboyphil says:

got cylinder heads delivered to Albert dock, hull at the weekend from Netherlands, half expected you to turn up but alas it was only a six wheeler from one of your competitors :o(

17th Oct 2007, 21:28

Rick says:

Stopping in the fast lane, and attacking a truck? It just proves that some people have way more money than brains!

18th Oct 2007, 07:00

JokerXL says:

yes, now & then you come across the strangest people.
The N95's camera function is so slow to start up that he was back in his car before I could snap him.
In my experience the camera is a great "weapon". Once someone like this knows he's been "captured" they tend to think again about what they're doing or are about to do.
My habit of keeping the doors locked all the time stays.

18th Oct 2007, 08:17

James says:

What an idiot! Next time just open the door in their face, like in the movies!

18th Oct 2007, 10:39

seaneeboy says:

Although probably disconcerting at the time, in retrospect it's hilarious - would have been funnier if he'd gone for you with a branch a la Fawlty Towers!

19th Oct 2007, 16:29